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Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Yes, car insurance does cover vandalism or intentional damage to your vehicle that is caused by others.  You can purchase car insurance to protect you from acts such as vandalism, car theft, fires, flood and acts of nature in much the same way as you can purchase car insurance to insure your car against accidents.  In fact, the type of auto insurance that covers your car from acts of vandalism is one of the most common types of auto insurance. Keep reading to find out more about car insurance and vandalism.

Is There a Specific Type of Car Insurance That Covers Vandalism?

Yes, when purchasing auto insurance, you do not simply buy general coverage.  You need a specific type of auto insurance coverage. The type of car insurance that you need to protect you financially in the event that your car should be vandalized is comprehensive coverage.  Comprehensive coverage covers your vehicle when it sustains damage that is not the result of an accident. It is one of the three main types of coverage that car insurance companies offer and is included in full coverage.  To learn more about comprehensive insurance, check out What is Comprehensive Insurance? And How Much Does It Cost?

Should You Cover Your Car For Vandalism?

Yes, you should get comprehensive coverage to cover your car for vandalism and other acts which do not qualify as accidents if your car has any financial value.  Your vehicle is a big investment and without proper coverage you will be stuck paying for damage that occurs to it out of pocket. Furthermore, if you finance or lease a car, your lender will generally require that you have this type of coverage for the duration of your auto loan or lease agreement.  The good news is that comprehensive coverage is rather inexpensive, only adding about $200 or less to your annual premium. Therefore, it is a wise idea to protect the investment that you made in your car with this type of auto insurance coverage.

When Is Vandalism Not Covered By Car Insurance?

There are some times when acts of vandalism are not covered by your auto insurance.  The primary example of a time when an act of vandalism is not covered by your comprehensive insurance is if you are the vandal.  For instance, if you are having a bad day and you kick your car and dent the door, this act of vandalism is not covered by your comprehensive car insurance. 

Final Thoughts

Comprehensive car insurance coverage covers your car for acts of vandalism as well as a number of other acts and occurrences that are not in the category of accidents.  This is a typical type of insurance that does not add that much to your monthly premium but can keep you from being stuck with a hefty bill if your car is vandalized. Because your car is one of your most expensive investments, you should definitely cover it for acts of vandalism with comprehensive coverage.

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