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21st Century 2019 Auto Insurance Review: Rates, Claims Satisfaction, and Coverage

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21st Century Insurance was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. They were acquired by Farmers Insurance in 2009. The company mainly sells auto insurance, although it does offer some property insurance as well. They currently only sell car insurance directly to the consumer in the state of California. If you live in a different state, you will likely need to purchase insurance through their parent company, Farmers Insurance. They have the financial backing of their parent company and also offer good rates on auto insurance.  Thus, consumers in California who would like to obtain quality car insurance from a reputable auto insurance company may want to consider this company.


  • You can purchase insurance online without talking to an agent.
  • 21st Century is backed by its parent company, Farmers Insurance, which has a financial strength rating A according to A.M. Best.
  • Their rates are highly competitive for drivers with poor credit and drivers who have had one at-fault accident.


  • They only sell insurance directly to consumers in California.
  • They do not have any brick and mortar locations. All transactions take place either over the phone or online.
  • 21st Century Insurance does not offer many other types of insurance.
  • The company’s claims satisfaction rating is lower than the industry average.

21st Century Insurance is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance and is not known for offering any frills when it comes to auto insurance.  However, what the company does offer is good rates especially for drivers with poor credit and also drivers with one at-fault accident. Furthermore, the company is financially solid. One of the drawbacks, however, is that the company’s claims satisfaction rating is significantly lower than the industry average.  Consumers living in California who wish to save money on car insurance and still want to purchase from a large nationwide company should consider 21st Century Insurance.

The Value Equation ($$$)

The cost of car insurance is one of the primary things that consumers look at when trying to decide on an auto insurance company.  Car insurance companies consider a number of factors when setting your auto insurance rate. In addition to the company’s base rate, the factors that affect your rate include your age, your location, your driving history, your coverage options and the type of vehicle that you drive.You can get a quote from 21st Century Insurance by going on its website and inputting your zip code to get started. California consumers can purchase insurance directly online from 21st Century similarly to other direct-to-consumer companies like Geico, Esurance, and Progressive.

Here is a glimpse of how the company stacks up with other auto insurance companies.

 Farmers21st CenturyGEICO
18 year old, no accident$6,388$5,128$3,438
30 year old, no accident$1,990$1,768$1,200
Drivers with DUI$3,199$3,900$2,518
Drivers with 1 at-fault accident $1,674$1,254$1,556
Poor Credit$2,567$1,329$2,000
Good Credit$1,854$1,632$1,463
Exceptional Credit$1,347$1,356$1,059

GEICO is an online-only insurance provider known for their competitive rates. Farmer’s Insurance is included above because it is the parent company of 21st Century Insurance. However, as you can see, 21st Century’s rates beat Farmer’s in all categories above except for driver’s with a DUI. In fact, 21st Century also beats GEICO’s rates for drivers with poor credit and a driver with one at-fault accident. Therefore, if you have poor credit or have had one at-fault accident, you should request a quote from 21st Century Insurance.


Just like many other auto insurance companies, 21st Century Auto Insurance offers discounts to current and future policyholders to help them save money on their rates.  These are the discounts that the company offers:

  • Good Driver Discount – You can save an average of 20% or more off your premium if you have been a licensed driver with no tickets or accidents in the last three years.  
  • Superior Driver Discount – Save even more than a good driver if you do not have any tickets or accidents for four or five years.
  • Good Student Discount – If you are under 25 and maintain a B average in high school or college, you can save approximately 15% on auto insurance from 21st Century.
  • Mature Driver Discount – Drivers over 55 who complete a state approved defensive driver course can qualify for a 2% discount.
  • Multi Car Discount – You can save money on your policy if you have more than one car insured by the company.
  • Anti-Theft Discount – Get approximately a 15% discount for having up to date anti-theft equipment on your car.

21st Century will determine which discounts you qualify for when the company initially issues your policy.  However, you should be sure to find out if the company offers any other discounts that are not mentioned or listed on the company’s website in case you may qualify for additional savings.  Also, be sure to provide all the information necessary for the company to determine if you qualify for the listed discounts. Moreover, be sure to maintain your eligibility for the discounts that you receive throughout the life of your policy in order to keep receiving the discounts.

Claims Satisfaction

A car insurance company’s claims satisfaction rating is almost as important as its rates when trying to select a quality auto insurance company.  21st Century’s claims satisfaction rating is below the industry average.

How easy is it to file a claim with 21st Century?

What is the average customer experience and satisfaction with 21st Century?  

Every year, J.D. Power surveys an estimated 10,000 customers who have filed a claim in the last six months.  Insurance providers are ranked on a 1000-point scale based on the results of the survey. 21st Century scored below the industry average with a score of 853/1000.  The industry average is 861/1000. In comparison, 21st Century’s parent company, Farmers Insurance, scored near the top of the list with an 874/1000.  State Farm, the largest auto insurance provider in the United States scored an 864/1000, just above the industry average. Geico, the second largest auto insurer in the US scored below the industry average with an 857/1000.

Although 21st may not have the best claims satisfaction rating, it has been recognized for its customer service.  The company is a five-time winner of the Confirmit ACE Award for Customer Service.

Coverage Options

21st Century Insurance’s website is bare bones and does not cover the coverage options provided. However, if you submit a quote request online, you will see that they offer the coverage options traditionally found with the larger well-known car insurance companies.  These coverage options include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury/Uninsured Motorist Property Damage
  • Waiver of Collision – If you have collision coverage and get in an accident with an uninsured motorist, the collision deductible is waived.
  • Car Rental Reimbursement – Pays for each day after the first day that your car is temporarily out of commission. They pay $30/day up to 30 days with a max of $900 and higher coverage is available.
  • 21st Roadside Assistance – provided to all vehicles insured with 21st Century (towing and lock out service 24 hours a day.
  • Additional/Customized Equipment

Other Insurance

21st Century offers a few other auto insurance options besides the traditional auto insurance coverage.  The company also insures boats, motorcycles, ATVs, antique autos, and personal watercrafts. Furthermore, the company offers mechanical breakdown insurance.  You can also obtain property insurance from 21st Century.  The types of property insurance coverage that the company offers includes specialty home insurance, mobile or manufactured home insurance, and flood insurance.

Website Experience

21st Century offers a simple, but usable experience for its online customer. On the website you can get a quote, purchase insurance, manage your policy, file a claim, pay your bill, and conduct a live chat with an expert. Descriptions of the company’s coverage options and discounts are missing from the company’s webpage. However, they are available when you submit a quote request. You can review your coverage options prior to purchase.

The company also offers an app through which you can pay your bill, check your policy documents, view your ID cards, and file a claim.

The Bottom Line

  • The bottom line is that 21st Century Insurance is a financially solid auto insurance company that offers the typical coverage options and discounts.  They only sell direct to consumer car insurance in the state of California.
  • 21st Century’s claims satisfaction rating is lower than the industry average; however, the company still has a good reputation and is rated an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • They do not have a physical presence nor agents so all your transactions have to be done online or over the phone.
  • They offer competitive rates in select demographics namely drivers with poor credit and drivers who have had one at-fault accident.
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