The Best Car Insurance Comparison Sites (2019)

When you think of car insurance comparison websites, think of marketplaces. After collecting your information, comparison websites work to gather the auto insurance providers that will provide you with the best coverage and quotes based on your needs. Some do this by providing you with quotes from multiple insurance companies; others simply match you with companies that are most likely to give you the best quotes.

Just as there are many car insurance companies out there, there are also many comparison websites. Don’t fret. We’ve reviewed and ranked some of the top choices for you, including:

Auto Insurance Comparison Websites Ranked

You’ll see that most auto insurance comparison websites work relatively the same way when it comes to the quote flow process.

#1: Insurify

Insurify claims its customers save an average of $489 a year on car insurance, and if all the perks Insurify offers (such as multiple auto coverage quotes and options for customizing coverage) are indicative of savings opportunities, we’re willing to bet that’s fairly accurate.

Insurify not only provides a ton of quotes to compare, but also it works with many big national and regional car insurance companies and provides consumers with informational tools and the option to sign up for price drop notifications.

How it Works: Quickly provide standard information about yourself, your vehicle, and your current auto coverage, and Insurify instantly provides you with multiple car insurance quotes. Choose the one best policy for you and complete the purchasing process via the provider’s website or over the phone with an agent.

Biggest Pro: Trust us when we say it’s difficult to narrow down all the pros to just one biggest one, but since we have to, we’re going with the number of quotes Insurify provides consumers. Insurify provides more car insurance quotes to compare than any other insurance comparison website we’ve tried — up to 10 and sometimes more!

Biggest Con: We’re hard pressed to find any cons with Insurify. You probably will receive a follow up email or two, so if that’s not for you we suppose it’s a con.

Bottomline: Insurify is the way to go for drivers who want instant quotes from a car insurance comparison website that provides lots of helpful knowledge and coverage tools and keeps follow up communication at a minimum.

#2: EverQuote

EverQuote is number two on our list, but we’d put it at number one for drivers who want insurance agents to contact them — and want to be able to choose how to receive that contact.

EverQuote’s quote application process is quick, they work with many well-known car insurance providers, and the company offers a free smartphone app that can help bring additional coverage savings.

How it Works: Provide basic details about yourself, your vehicle, and your current car insurance and tell EverQuote how you’d like to receive your quotes: online, by email, or by phone.

Biggest Pro: Unlike some other insurance marketplaces that work as lead generation websites for agents, EverQuote lets you choose how to receive the quotes.

Biggest Con: The bulk of customer complaints about EverQuote focus on spam email and phone calls. Customers can avoid these by choosing only the online option, but that narrows their odds of getting the best possible savings.

Bottomline: EverQuote isn’t for everyone, but it is worth a try for drivers who want licensed car insurance agents to reach out to them for premium quotes as accurate as possible the first time around.

Find out more about our experience with EverQuote.

#3: The Zebra

We like The Zebra for the educational website. We love The Zebra for all the quotes they give customers!

Like Insurify, The Zebra provides customers with a ton — and we mean a ton — of helpful articles, blog posts, and insurance calculators. They probably have Insurify beat in the education department. However, unlike Insurify, The Zebra is not licensed and operating in all 50 states. You can apply for quotes from any state in the U.S., but if The Zebra doesn’t do business in your state yet, you’ll be directed to a local insurance agent in your area.

How it Works: Provide information about yourself, your vehicle, and your current car insurance policy and choose the level of coverage you want. The Zebra will provide you with quotes for all levels from a number of insurance providers.

Biggest Pro: We’ve gone on about how informational the website is, so let’s focus on the number of quotes it’s possible to get. For example, we received more than 15!

Biggest Con: Aside from the fact that they do not cover every state, most of the quotes we received were higher than average, based on what The Zebra says is average for our state.

Bottomline: The Zebra is solid, and definitely worth a try. Just be sure to do a little extra research if you feel the quotes aren’t as low as they could be. Start with The Zebra itself; the website provides articles about the average cost of car insurance in each state! The Zebra claims to be “the nation’s leading insurance comparison site,” and honestly, we’d believe it — if only they did business in every state. Until then, Insurify holds the title.

Get the full lowdown on whether The Zebra is right for you.

#4: does just what the name implies: helps users compare multiple car insurance quotes without all the bells and whistles. However, the company will hook you up with some quotes on extended vehicle warranties, health insurance, and even mobile phone coverage if you’re interested.

How it Works: Provide information about yourself, your vehicle, and your current auto coverage. asks you to choose the level of coverage you want and then immediately provides a number of quotes based on how companies respond to your details.

Biggest Pro: is direct. There’s nothing about the process that makes you second-guess yourself, and once you choose a policy you complete the purchasing process with the provider.

Biggest Con: Some of the details needs are, well, detailed. So, if you don’t have them handy (for example, your current policy’s exact bodily injury limits), then you’ll take a few extra minutes looking it up.

Bottomline: There is absolutely nothing controversial about Give it a try. Get more details on

#5: SmartFinancial

SmartFinancial is similar to Insurify in that it provides you with a ton of educational resources and insurance tools; however, where Insurify provides actual quotes, SmartFinancial just connects you with auto insurance companies and agents based on your coverage needs (and, of course, any filters the agents have purchased).

How it Works: Give details about yourself, your vehicle, and your current car insurance. SmartFinancial asks about the levels of coverage you want, then provides you with links to the companies who match with your coverage needs.

Biggest Pro: The website is wildly educational and provides lots of insurance- related tools.

Biggest Con: You don’t immediately get quotes; once you choose an insurance company to get quotes from, you must re-enter most, if not all, of your information.

Bottomline: Come for the awesome website; stay to matched with insurance companies. Learn more about SmartFinancial.

#6: QuoteWizard

Like EverQuote, QuoteWizard operates mainly as a lead generation website in that it collects your details and provides them with insurance agents who will contact you with coverage options. Unlike EverQuote, however, you don’t get to decide how — or if at all — the agents contact you.

When you choose to get your quotes, you consent to a variety of communications from QuoteWizard, their marketing network, and insurance companies and affiliates.

How it Works: Provide details about yourself, your vehicle, and your current auto insurance policy and QuoteWizard matches you with coverage providers suited to your needs and you get quotes when you choose to continue with the provider(s).

Biggest Pro: QuoteWizard possibly has the quickest quote application process of the insurance comparison websites.

Biggest Con: The majority of complaints are from consumers who report an abundance of unwanted emails and phone calls from providers and agents.

Bottomline: QuoteWizard provided us with quotes that seemed average. While we did receive a few emails from the provider we chose, it was nothing out of the ordinary. QuoteWizard is now owned by Lending Tree, so we know they’re not just flying by the seat of their pants; however, be careful about providing your contact information if you sincerely don’t want to be contacted. In that case, another comparison website might be better for you.
Learn more about QuoteWizard.

#7: insuranceQuotes

When you use insuranceQuotes, you don’t get actual insurance quotes — not right away, anyway. As a lead generation website, insuranceQuotes collects your details then matches you up with around three to five companies that can provide coverage based on your specific needs. Additionally, insuranceQuotes is another lead generation website that features many helpful articles and insurance-related tools.

How it Works: You give details about yourself, your vehicle, and your current auto insurance coverage and insuranceQuotes matches you with a handful of providers suited to your coverage needs.

Biggest Pro: The initial quote process is incredibly fast; you’ll get matched up with around three to five providers in fewer than three minutes.

Biggest Con: Because you must provide most of the same details or more to the actual car insurance company, it will take a little longer to get your quotes.

Bottomline: insuranceQuotes isn’t our favorite, but as far as lead generation websites are concerned we’re pleased with the informational tools they offer and how quickly they match you with providers. Lear more about insuranceQuotes.

#8: netQuote

netQuote is another lead generation website that matches consumers with providers based on their coverage needs.

netQuote works with several of the big players in the insurance game and the website features several helpful insurance tools; however, the website itself is clunky. While that doesn’t necessarily reflect on their services, it does make you wonder why a company that’s been around for so long won’t streamline its web presence and user experience?
Anyway, so how do their services pan out?

How it Works: Provide details about yourself, your vehicle, and your current car insurance policy and netQuote matches you with a handful of providers suited to your coverage needs.

Biggest Pro: netQuote provides you with about five quotes (give or take a couple based on your details), so while that’s not as many as some other comparison websites it’s definitely not a waste of time.

Biggest Con: Most consumer complaints focus on unwanted emails and phone calls.

Bottomline: netQuote could be an alright option for people who are actively in the market for new insurance and therefore won’t mind being contacted by agents. . Learn more about netQuote.

Final Thoughts

With the number of auto insurance providers out there, it only makes sense to use a car insurance comparison website to help you shop around. These websites help you get quotes from multiple providers based on your specific information. Of course, not all websites are created equal, and some will work for you but not for others, so it’s a good idea to use two or three comparison sites before deciding on a new provider and policy.


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