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Best Cheap Car Insurance In Massachusetts (With 2019 Rates)

There are close to 5 million drivers in the State of Massachusetts, also known as the “Bay State.”

One of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts is a historic, picturesque and quaint state. But it can be a challenging place to drive, and it has a reputation for bad drivers.

Obtaining car insurance is a necessity for drivers in Massachusetts. This article will explore how to find the cheapest car insurance by comparing rates among different providers in the Bay State.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

The average driver in Massachusetts pays a yearly premium of $1,200 ($100) a month) for auto insurance.

These are the ten car insurance companies with the lowest average annual rates in Massachusetts: These are just average rates; age, driving record, geographic area, and DUI’s can all affect rates as we will explore later.

Insurers Annual PremiumMonthly Premium
State Farm$724$60
National Grange Mutual$813$68
Commerce Group$890$74
One Beacon$891$74
Norfolk and Dedham1,054$88

Cheapest Car Insurance in Massachusetts by Age

The average car insurance premium in Massachusetts is $1,201 per year — 15.8% less than the US average.

For those who are under 20, car insurance premiums are priced highest. 16-20 year-olds are the youngest and least experienced. They have had less time on the road and statistically have more accidents because they speed and use hand-held devices more than other age groups.

Drivers between 16-20 years old can expect these average rates in Massachusetts:

AgeAnnual Premium

Massachusetts is the tenth cheapest state in which to insure a teen driver. 40 states are more expensive. But that is small compensation for a parent who might have to spend $5,045 a year to insure their 16-year-old driver.

AAA, Progressive, and GEICO are good places to look for better-priced auto policies covering teens.  

To save money on a teen driver insurance policy, parents should consider taking the following steps after their child gets a driver’s license:

  • Proof of Prior Car Insurance: parents should put their child on the parents’ policy. This helps drop rates considerably.
  • Raising Optional Bodily Injury Coverage: if parents buy higher than minimum coverage insurers will consider you more responsible and lower rates for a child insured under a parents’ policy.
  • Take Driver’s Ed Classes: if you have education on the road before getting your license, insurers consider you a better risk and will adjust rates.
  • Get Good Grades: A’s and B’s are taken into consideration by insurers when adjusting auto insurance. Better students are assumed to be more responsible.

The Parents Supervised Driving Program comes out of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles Division. It includes a mobile app, RoadReady® that assists teens and their parents to electronically log and manage their driving hours with a smartphone. And hopefully monitor and teach safer driving habits to young drivers.

For drivers who are older than 21, the rates drop each decade of life, up to age 60. Here are some age comparisons of auto insurance in the Bay State.

CompanySingle 20-year old maleMarried 40-year old maleMarried 65-year old male
State Farm$680$680$680

State Farm is generally considered the best value across age and gender.  And younger drivers seem to do best with State Farm as well in price.

Cheapest DUI Car Insurance in Massachusetts

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a severe offense, not only for safety reasons, but also for financial and legal penalties.

A DUI can raise your rates by an average of $1100 a year.  With a clean driving record you might pay $1201 a year, but after a DUI conviction you could pay $2363 a year, an increase of 96%.

But if you shop around you can still find below market rates from insurers who are willing to write a post-DUI policy.  Here are some insurance companies in Massachusetts to look at for drivers with DUI:

Insurance companyAvg. annual premium after DUIAvg. monthly premium after DUI
Plymouth Rock$1,428$119

Plymouth Rock is the winner in the category of best post-DUI rates in New York State.

Massachusetts’s law prohibits blood alcohol concentration above .08% in drivers. That includes liquor, marijuana, vapors, prescription drugs, and narcotics.

With a DUI, there is no SR-22 filing requirement in Massachusetts, but you will be deemed as a high-risk driver.

After a first DUI, drivers may be ordered to serve one-year probation, a driver alcohol course, and possibly drug and alcohol treatment.

Under 21 years old drivers are considered legally intoxicated with only .02% blood alcohol.  The bottom line: don’t drink and drive. The penalties and punishment are not worth the temporary high.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Poor Credit Drivers in Massachusetts

Insurers in 47 states use credit scores to determine the rates of auto insurance. Fair or poor credit scores can raise premium costs because you are considered a higher risk. 580-669 is fair and between 300-579 is poor.

But happily, Massachusetts, along with California and Hawaii have laws prohibiting the use of credit scores to determine auto insurance premiums. Bad credit will not affect your car insurance rates in Massachusetts.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Low Mileage Drivers in Massachusetts

Driving fewer miles per year lowers your risk of auto accident, so your premiums should drop too. For drivers who are lower mileage (say 5,000 miles a year), the following insurers in Massachusetts have better rates:

  • Plymouth Rock: $624/year ($52/month)
  • MAPFRE: $881/year ($73/month)

>>MORE: Best Car Insurance for Low Mileage Drivers in 2019

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with One Accident in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of twelve “no fault” auto insurance states, a trend that peaked in the 1970s when legislators believed it would reduce lawsuits. In many cases, however, litigation, costs and insurance have skyrocketed, precisely because wealthy insurers make tempting targets.

For those who have one accident in Massachusetts, the following insurers offer cheaper than average rates:

  • State Farm: $1,078/year ($90/month)
  • USAA: $1,421/year ($118/month)
  • Geico: $2,236/year ($186/month)

Cheaper Car Insurance by City

Another factor affecting car insurance is the kind of neighborhood a driver lives in. Higher crime areas bring higher premiums because the risk of theft and accidents is greater.

Brockton, Revere and Lynn are all considered higher risk communities and their average rates are $2222, $2161 and $2003 respectively.  Brockton has a crime index of 17 out of 100 (with 100 being safest.)

By contrast, West Concord, MA is a low crime town near Boston and its average auto insurance premium is $839 a year, the third lowest in the state.  Near Boston, Wellesley is rated A+ in crime and has an average yearly auto insurance premium of $886, 10% cheaper than the state average.

Here is a sampling of various cities in Massachusetts:

Boston, MA

Boston is the glorious capital city of Massachusetts, a historic, quaint, walkable place with great restaurants, old buildings and gracious surroundings. 

Within Boston, the lowest priced insurance can be found in the central district ($688), and the highest priced in historically poorer areas such as Roxbury and Dorchester ($1046). National Grange Mutual ($1284), One Beacon ($1152) and Geico ($1055) are all value priced in Boston

Dorchester, MA

Multi-ethnic, working class Dorchester was once a scarier place, but in recent years it has attracted a new class of younger people as well as immigrants.

It still has higher than average crime rates for Boston, and its car insurance reflects that. Geico ($2086), Norfolk and Dedham ($1788) and One Beacon ($1764) are all consider better-priced options for Dorchester drivers.

Springfield, MA

In western Massachusetts, Springfield (pop. 153,060) is the third largest city in the state and once played a vital role in the development and manufacturing of motorcycles, rubber goods, guns, and railroad cars.

De-industrialization and poor planning led to a decline in the city, and leaders have sought to boost the economy by introducing casino gambling. 
The average rate for auto insurance in this city is $1967 a year which is about 70% higher than average for Massachusetts. Liberty Mutual ($2148) is close to triple the price compared to the other insurers but Allstate ($804), Amica ($804), Encompass ($816) and National Grange Mutual ($840) all beat the average in Springfield.

Quincy, MA

Just south of Boston along the Atlantic Coast, Quincy (pop. 94,166) is the “City of Presidents” having been the birthplace of both John Adams and John Quincy Adams.  In recent years Quincy has revitalized some of its old Victorian factories and converted them into lofts. There are great beaches, restaurants, parks and other amenities for residents and visitors.

The average driver pays $1260 a year, about 5% higher than statewide.  National Grange Mutual ($1284), Geico ($1238) and One Beacon ($1164) are around the same or slightly below average, so shop around.

Revere, MA

Named after Paul Revere, foggy Revere is north of Boston, jutting out into the Atlantic. About 51,755 people live here.  Revere Beach, the oldest municipal beach in the country, had a reputation as a honky-tonk area, but it’s now a diverse, eclectic place with newer apartments and a redeveloped waterfront.

Auto insurance premiums are some 47% higher than the state average at $2258 a year. Revere is the 6th most expensive in Massachusetts. But Norfolk and Dedham ($1800), Geico ($1699) and One Beacon ($1584) all beat the average.

Car Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements in Massachusetts

All drivers in the no-fault state of Massachusetts are required to purchase state minimum liability insurance before registering their car or driving on the road.

Massachusetts is one of thirteen “no fault” states for car insurance, meaning that if you did cause or did not cause an accident, you will still be reimbursed for injuries, but not necessarily vehicle damage claims. Your PIP or Personal Injury Protection protects you in the event of injury from a car crash.

Insurers advise against only having minimum insurance as you may incur costs that are much greater than those covered by the minimum. If you have only $25,000 of bodily injury coverage but you need $50,000 worth of medical treatment, you will owe $25,000.

MAIP (Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan)

MAIP was created in 2008 after a new state law permitted insurance companies to reject underwriting certain drivers.  The MAIP is an organization that registers high-risk motorists to existing Massachusetts insurers. About 1.7% of all drivers are covered under MAIP. 

As long as you have a driver’s license you are eligible and required by law to be insured by an insurer. The only catch is that the insurer is assigned to you, and you may pay higher rates in order to get insured. 
Use MAIP as a last resort if you find you cannot get insured. Your broker will help you apply to the program, even if he does not write up your policy. It is the law.


  • Massachusetts is a no-fault state that requires you to purchase four types of liability insurance: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury protection and underinsured/uninsured motorist.
  • You can purchase the minimum insurance to “save” but this may cost you when medical costs balloon. Always buy as much as you can afford to protect your financial wellness.
  • Teen drivers can be put on their parents’ insurance policy to save money. Use insurance company phone apps that monitor teen driving for lower rates. Students with A’s or B’s get price breaks too.
  • Shop around for insurance quotes, especially important when you live in an area with higher rates due to crime.
  • Insurers in MA do not consider credit scores when setting insurance rates.
  • MAIP is a program that places high-risk drivers with insurers who are assigned to cover this group. Therefore, no driver with a license can be denied coverage.
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