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Answer Financial Insurance Broker Review 2019

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Online insurance broker Answer Financial is one of the nation’s largest auto and home insurance agencies and has insured more than 3.8 million vehicles and homes in all 50 states. Consumers can quickly get car insurance quotes online or by phone, but the trick is to make sure they’re getting quotes from multiple providers and to double check those quotes aren’t more expensive than the premiums they’re currently paying.

About Answer Financial

Answer Financial is an online insurance broker that provides auto coverage quotes to drivers of all walks of life. Founded in 1997, Answer Financial is part of The Allstate Corporation, the country’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, and has a handful of alternative business names: The Insurance Answer Center, Inc., Right Answer Insurance Agency c/o Answer Financial, and Right Answer Insurance. Headquartered in Encino, California, Answer Financial has offices in California, Tennessee, and Utah and also provides some work-from-home opportunities.

Answer Financial works with more than 30 insurance providers to serve all 50 states. A few of their more well known carrier partners include Progressive, AllState, MetLife, 21st Century, National General, Safeco, Farmers, The General, and Travelers. Answer Financial gets a commission from selling policies with these companies. Currently, they do not have partnerships with several of the big players like State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, USAA, and Allstate so if consumers want quotes from those companies they must work with them directly.

Answer Financial is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and employs licensed insurance agents — not just traditional customer service representatives — to work with consumers.

Answer Financial Ratings & Consumer Complaints

Answer Financial has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with fewer than five one-star reviews and fewer than 10 customer complaints. The company won a 2015 WebAward from the Web Marketing Association for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, Insurance Standard of Excellence.

Potential customers can view more than 9,000 customer reviews on, which show more than 8,000 five-star reviews and an average of:

  • 4.9 stars for overall agent experience.
  • 4.7 stars for competitiveness of price.
  • 4.8 for ease of purchasing process.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes With Answer Financial?

Consumers can get quotes using the online quote system or by phone with an insurance agent.

Whichever process you choose, be prepared to provide the following details* about yourself (and any other drivers), your vehicle, and past and/or current car insurance:

  • Yourself: Name; date of birth; address; gender; marital status; residence status; residence type; driver’s license status; age you first got your license; if you’ve been continuously licensed with no suspensions/revocations in the last five years; whether you’ve had any accidents, claims, or violations in the last five years; your highest level of education; employment status; and email and phone number.
    • You’ll be prompted to enter the same information for anyone older than 15 who lives in the household. Ultimately, you don’t have to include these people on your policy, but Answer Financial requires the information for quotes.
  • Vehicle: Make; model; year, body type; vehicle identification number (VIN); whether you own, finance, or lease; daily commute information; estimated annual mileage; and whether it’s a Rideshare vehicle like Uber or Lyft.
  • Insurance: Whether or not you currently have insurance; whether your current coverage is the state minimum or a basic or high coverage policy; the deductible of any existing policy; your current insurance provider; how long you’ve had coverage; your current policy’s expiration date; the date by which you need a new policy; whether a company has ever been denied, cancelled, or not renewed in the last five years; whether your credit is poor, good, or excellent; and whether you consent to them obtaining your consumer reports for a more accurate quote.

* Depending on available data, some of this information might be curated. For example, Answer Financial might be able to determine your vehicle make, model, and year as well as the VIN based on other personal details.

Once you provide the required information, you’ll receive your car insurance quote(s), the specific coverage amounts, and any additional coverages like towing and labor or rental reimbursement. Note that:

  • You’ll receive quotes only from the providers that do business in your state.
    • This isn’t clear on the website, but an Answer Financial representative explained it to me after I told her I’d received only one quote.
    • While this makes sense in theory, in reality I’m aware that Answer Financial works with several providers who do business in my state so I don’t think the reasoning behind receiving just one quote was accurate.
    • Answer Financial requests your email address for quotes, but I saw my quotes only on the website; I never received an email with quotes, a prompt to buy a policy, or any contact details.
  • Your quote will be accurate as long as you provide accurate information. 
    • If you don’t provide correct information, or the insurance companies themselves find information in your driving record that doesn’t match up with what you provided, it will affect your quote final quote.
    • This is standard with insurance brokers and marketplaces.
I only received one quote from Safeco and the quote isn’t final. If I want to get the final quote, I have to continue onto Safeco’s website

While I understand that a broker might not be able to provide me with the final car insurance quote until they are able to pull reports on my driving record, I don’t understand why I need to continue onto Safeco’s website to get the final quote. What’s the point of working with an insurance broker if I have to get the final quote on the insurer’s website anyway?

That is not to mention that when I chose to continue onto Safeco’s website, I was prompted to enter more information and some of which are similar to what I had already provided on Answer Financial website. That’s not a very consumer-friendly experience.

Pros and Cons of Getting Car Insurance Quotes with Answer Financial

Pros include:

  • Getting quotes from Answer Financial takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how quickly you can access the required information.
    • While this isn’t super fast, it lines up with most other insurance comparison websites.
  • Answer Financial provides several apps and services customers can use on the go:
    • Answer Mobile™: A free app offering quick and convenient access to your insurance ID cards and important policy information.
    • Rate Tracker™: A free service that monitors auto insurance prices and alerts customers when an opportunity to save is identified.
    • Answer Roadside™: Instant access to roadside assistance. Prices range from $84 to $99.
  • The website provides tons of informational articles and videos on their website.
  • They serve all 50 states.
  • Answer Financial employs licensed insurance professionals, not just customer service representatives.
  • You can handle your claims process or make certain changes to your policy via the website or by contacting a representative; you don’t have to go through your car insurance provider.
  • Despite some negative reviews regarding customer service, I had a pleasant experience when I spoke with an agent.

Cons include:

  • The number of quotes you get depends on your state.
    • The Answer Financial agent explained this is because not all providers they work with do business in your state. 
    • Because of this, I got only one quote. This doesn’t make too much sense to me because I know certain providers they work with do business in my state, but I didn’t receive quotes from those providers.
    • I suspect that Answer Financial might have different “arrangements” with insurance companies to control which quotes they show to consumers like myself to maximize their commission. Having just one quote defeats the main purpose of consumers being able to compare reliable quotes from several insurance companies when they buy car insurance through a broker like Answer Financial.
    • There’s no way to get additional quotes unless you just go to a specific company’s website or call that company.
  • The quote I received on Answer Financial website isn’t final. I could only get the final quote on the insurance company’s website. I wonder what’s the point of working with an insurance broker if I have to get the final quote on insurers’ websites anyway.
  • They require you to enter the same types of personal information for all members of the household over the age of 15.
    • When I asked why, the Answer Financial agent explained that each person could technically drive the car and have an accident; if they’re not listed on the policy, it’s not covered. However, she also made it clear you are not required to include anyone but yourself on the final policy.
    • This can be a con for two reasons: 1) it takes that much longer to enter this extra information, which is aggravating if you don’t plan to include that person/those people, and 2) some of those people (such as your spouse) might not want their personal information given to a website if they don’t plan to be involved with the policy.
  • Even though I specifically denied permission for them to check my consumer reports, they did anyway.
    • Apparently my consumer reports lowered my quote (“Great News! Your price is lower than the initial quote we provided. Based on additional information received from consumer reports you qualified for better pricing.”) but the fact remains they ignored my denial. Why even ask permission if you’re going to ignore it?
  • Using the website, I wasn’t given a choice of state minimum liability or full coverage, or of different coverage add ons. They just provide me with a quote for a lump of coverage and I could take it or leave it.
    • This might be based on the insurance companies that provide you with quotes; I was given only one quote from one company, so I don’t know.
    • You might be able to request specific types of coverage if you speak with an Answer Financial agent.
  • I never got an email from them after completing the process, confirming my quote or anything.

There are nearly as many cons as pros — and these numbers can vary depending on the specific consumer.

Types of Insurance Through Answer Financial

Additionally, Answer Financial provides quotes for:

  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Homeowners insurance.
  • Flood insurance.
  • Earthquake insurance (in California). 
  • Condo insurance. 
  • Renters insurance.
  • RV insurance.
  • Boat insurance.
  • Pet insurance.

Final Thoughts

Answer Financial quickly provides consumers with auto insurance quotes, but consumers should be aware that 1) they might not get quotes from as many providers as they’d like, and 2) those quotes are not final and consumers have to continue onto the insurers’ websites to complete the purchase of car insurance policy. Before they make a decision, consumers should contact an Answer Financial insurance agent by phone to directly discuss their quote results.

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