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Century National Auto Insurance Review (2019)

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Century National, founded in 1956, is a subsidiary of National General.  The company offers auto insurance in California and Arizona. This company, headquartered in Van Nuys, California, does not appear to be as professional as other auto insurance companies.  Very little information about the company is available on the internet. This poses a risk for potential policyholders. To be on the safe side, you should stay away from this auto insurance company and look for a company which has more information readily available about it. 


  • The company’s financial stability is rated an A- by A.M. Best.
  • Century National is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in California.  


  • The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau nor is it rated.  
  • Not all of the links on the company’s website work.
  • Yelp, which is the best place to find information about how Century National’s customers feel, shows a torn down building where the business is supposed to be located.

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The Value Equation ($$$)

The cost of auto insurance is one of the primary things that people look at when trying to decide on auto insurance.  There are a number of factors that car insurance companies use when setting your rate. In addition to the company’s base rate, the company will often consider your age, your location, your vehicle type, your coverage options, and your driving history when setting your auto insurance rate.

To obtain a quote from Century National, you will need to call: 1-888-745-2507. They do not offer an online quote process.

The one strong point that this company has is that it is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in California.  For a 30-year old male residing in Los Angeles, Century National’s rate is $1,668 for an annual premium. Geico charges $1,533.  Nationwide and Grange both charge a little more for the insurance. State farm charges a few hundred dollars more. The average rates for all insurance companies in California for this driver is $2,257.


Like many other auto insurance companies, Century National offers a variety of discounts to allow its policyholders to save money on its rates.  These discounts differ by state. The discounts that the state of California offers includes the following:

  • California Good Driver
  • Good Student
  • Multiple car Discount
  • Discounts for car Safety Features such as Anti-Lock Brakes, Airbags, Automatic Seat Belts, 
  • Defensive Driver Course Completion Discount for Mature Drivers
  • Discount for having a Century National homeowners policy
  • Discount for having a Century National Earthquake Insurance policy

The company offers fewer discounts in the state of Arizona.  The discounts available here include the following:

  • Good Student
  • Driver Training
  • Defensive Driver Course Completion for Mature Drivers
  • Multiple Car Discount
  • Discount for having a Century National homeowners policy

Claims Satisfaction

A car insurance company’s claim satisfaction rating is just as important as price when shopping for quality auto insurance.  Century National does not have a claim satisfaction rating from J. D. Power.

How easy is it to file a claim with Century National?

  • File a claim with Century National by calling the company’s claims department at:  844-582-7969.

What is the average customer experience and satisfaction with Century National?

There is little information available concerning the company’s claims satisfaction.  However, the Better Business Bureau has received several complaints about the company.  One can assume that in spite of the company’s financial strength, the company’s claims satisfaction rating is lower than most other auto insurance companies that you may be considering.  

Coverage Options

Century national lists its coverage options on its website.  These coverage options include the following:

Thus, the company offers the basic coverage options that most full-service auto insurance companies offer.   The company does not, however, provide additional coverage options.

Other Insurance

Century National offers some insurance options in addition to traditional car insurance.  The company also offers property insurance, mobile home insurance, and business insurance.   The types of property insurance that the company offers includes homeowners insurance, renters insurance and flood insurance.  Century National places mobile home insurance into a separate category from the basic property insurance, suggesting that the company specializes in insuring these types of residences. The only type of business insurance that the company seems to offer is commercial auto.  (The website does not make it clear whether the commercial auto insurance is still available.) You can also get a personal umbrella insurance policy through Century National.

Website Experience

Century National does not offer the best website experience.  Its website lacks a professional look and is not as easy to navigate as many other auto insurance companies.  However, the company’s website does have the information about the auto insurance coverage the company provides.  You can also find the discounts separated by state. The link under the company’s business insurance tab does not work which is disappointing.  You can get a quote and pay your bill online.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is not enough information out there about this company to make selecting it a logical choice.  The company is not rated by the Better Business Bureau and its poorly designed website is not fully functioning. Surprisingly, the company does have excellent financial strength.

Century National is, however, one of the cheapest car insurance companies in California.

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