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Compare Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and AllState: Which one is the best for you?

Before choosing a car insurance company, it is wise to do a little comparison shopping.  State Farm, Geico, Progressive, and AllState are the four largest auto insurance companies in the United States with $42 billion, $33.1 billion, $27.1 billion, and $22.7 billion worth of premiums written in 2018 respectively.  The four companies account for more than 50% market share in the US personal auto insurance market. As the largest auto insurers in the U.S., these companies have a lot of similar features and offerings. However, there are some features that distinguish these companies from each other. Find out which one of these companies is the best fit for you.

BravoDollar compared these insurers in 8 different categories and found out who is the best in each category:

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Available by State:

State Farm auto insurance is available in 48 states.  You cannot, however, purchase State Farm auto insurance in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Geico, Progressive, and AllState, on the other hand, are available in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Best Availability By State Winner – Geico, Progressive, AllState

Which Company Has The Best Rates?

A car insurance company’s rates are one of the most significant determining factors that you often look at when trying to select the right auto insurance company for you.  Progressive, State Farm, Geico, and AllState all set their own rates based on many of the typical variables including age, location, driving history, coverage options, and type of vehicle.  

Did you know that the national average yearly auto insurance rate is $1,512. Geico comes in under the national average and has the cheapest average annual rate for a sample driver with no special factors with a rate of $1,067. In fact, Geico is known to have great rates compared to other car insurance companies. On average, Geico was 28% less than the state average. Progressive comes in second with a rate of $1,241 yearly average.  State Farm’s national average is also less than the national average annual rate with a rate of $1,372.

AllState is the only one of the four companies that did not come in under the national average for the sample driver with an average annual rate of $1,718.  Thus, Allstate’s rates are considerably higher than that of the other companies and may not be the best choice for those who are seeking to save money on auto insurance.

 GEICOProgressiveState FarmAllState
Drivers in 20s$1,413$2,247$2,337$2,590
Drivers in 30s$1,200$2,253$2,343$2,596
Drivers in 40s$1,174$1,623$1,567$1,888
Drivers with at-fault accident$1,556$2,211$1,501$2,256
Drivers with DUI/DWI$2,518$2,173$3,806$3,592
Drivers with speeding ticket$1,385$2,075$1,968$2,239

Car insurance rates also vary according to the amount of coverage that you select: low, medium, or high coverage . Geico’s rates were the best in each of these three categories. State Farm, however, was a close second. AllState’s rates, on the other hand, were the highest in all of these categories.

 GeicoProgressive State FarmAllState
Low Coverage $2,702$3,363$2750$4,165
Medium Coverage $2,893$3,616$2,943$4,407
High Coverage $3086$3,916$3,110$4625

While these four companies might not offer the cheapest car insurance rates for you, comparing among the four, Geico’s car insurance rates is the lowest, followed by State Farm, Progressive, and AllState for many other variables including good drivers, speeding tickets, and an accident. Geico was not one of the lowest choices, however, for a driver with a DUI. Additionally, for drivers with bad credit, Progressive charged better rates than State Farm.

Best Rate Winner – Geico

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Which Coverage Options Does Each Company Offer?

Geico also offers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance which covers you if your car suffers a mechanical failure.

Progressive also offers the deductible savings bank which subtracts $50 from the comprehensive and collision deductible for every six-month period in which you are claim free.  Furthermore, Progressive also offers Pet Injury insurance.

State Farm offers travel expenses which is a unique type of insurance that covers your meals, lodging, and travel expenses when you are in an accident more than 50 miles away from home.

AllState does not offer any unique coverage features; however, it does offer approximately the same amount of coverage options as the other three companies.

Best Coverage Options Winner – Progressive (the only company to offer Gap insurance for cars that are not financed through their bank)

Which Company Offers The Most Discounts?

All four of the companies, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and AllState, give a number of discounts for which you may qualify. Many of these discounts are included in the most popular discounts for car insurance.

Geico tends to give the most unique discounts such as discounts for being a Federal Employee and a Military Discount. Furthermore, the company gives significant percentages such as 40% for full front seat airbags and up to 26% for a safe driver discount. Geico offers a number of discounts with a significant percentage off to go along with their already lower premium rates.

State Farm alerts you of the discounts for which you may qualify when you fill out an online quote.  Furthermore, State Farm also offers good percentages on their discounts as well such as a 20% multiple auto coverage discount and up to 40% off of medical related coverage for having a safe vehicle.  The company does seem to offer fewer discounts though.

Geico and State Farm differ significantly from Progressive’s discounts which tend to be below 10% across the board.  Therefore, even though Progressive appears to offer more discounts in total, the amount of the discount does not compare with the other three companies.

AllState offers a pretty good student discount at up to 35% and a teenSMART discount as well as a number of discounts for vehicle safety. Thus, if you already have an AllState policy, you may want to add your teen to it instead of getting your teen his or her own policy with another company. Either way, you should explore both options to find the best car insurance for your teen drivers.

Best Discounts Winner – Geico

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Which Company Has The Best Claims Satisfaction Rating?

A car insurance company’s claims satisfaction rating is as important as its rates and coverage options when trying to decide which car insurance company to go with.  Each of the four companies has a fairly easy process for filing a claim.

  • You can file a claim with Geico through its mobile app, on its website, or by calling its Claims Department at 1-800-861-8380.
  • File a claim with Progressive through their website, by contacting your insurance agent, and by calling 1-800-776-4737.
  • State Farm allows you to file a claim through their website, through their mobile app, through your local insurance agent and by calling their Claims Department at 800-SF-CLAIM.
  • With AllState, you can file a claim through its website, its mobile app, call your insurance agent, and through its Claims Department 1-800-ALLSTATE.

Every year, J.D. Power surveys an estimated 10,000 auto insurance consumers who have filed a claim in the last six months.  Insurance providers are ranked on a 1000-point scale based on the results of the survey. Of the four auto insurance companies, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and AllState, State Farm is ranked the highest with an 864/1000.  In fact, State Farm is the only one of the four companies that is ranked above the industry average of 861/1000. AllState and Geico tied for the second highest with a score of 857/1000. Progressive falls considerably lower on the list with a claims satisfaction rating of 849/1000.  Thus, Progressive is the poorest choice of the four when it comes to claims satisfaction.

Best Claims Satisfaction Rating Winner – State Farm

Which Special Features Does Each Company Offer?

Every car insurance company has its selling point, and the big four tend to be no exception.  Progressive has its ‘Name Your Price’ tool which makes it easy for consumers to choose auto insurance that is within their budget.  To use this feature, you choose the rate that you are interested in paying and Progressive will show you which coverage options you can get for this price.  

Geico’s biggest selling point is that it is mostly an online platform.  You can get a quote, purchase insurance, file a claim, manage your insurance coverage and more through the company’s online platform.  This eliminates the agent’s commission, another reason that Geico is able to beat their competitors’ rates.

State Farm is known to be a great all-around insurance company which still offers its customers the ability to have personalized service from an agent with almost 18,000 agents nationwide.

AllState advertises that their customers are in good hands and one of its biggest selling points is that it is the insurance company that gives back to the local community.  AllState is an advocate for local causes such as ending domestic violence, engaging youth, and safe driving programs.

Best Special Features Winner:  

For Selecting Coverage in Your Price Range – Progressive

For Quick and Easy Online Service – Geico

For Personalized Agent Interaction – State Farm

For the Community – AllState

Which Company Offers The Best Other Insurance Options?

Car insurance companies often offer a discount for bundling.  Additionally, you may want to get all of your insurance through the same company so that you only have one insurance company to deal with.  Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and AllState all offer other types of insurance other than auto insurance which you may want to consider purchasing along with your auto insurance policy.

In addition to auto insurance, Geico offers Property Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Travel Insurance, Overseas Insurance, Identity Theft Protection, Pet Insurance, and Jewelry Insurance. There are several options under Property Insurance including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, mobile home insurance, flood insurance, and landlord insurance. You can also choose from several options under Business Insurance although the options are not as extensive as some other large insurance companies.

Progressive offers Property insurance which includes homeowners insurance, condo insurance mobile home insurance, renters insurance and flood insurance.   Progressive also offers Homeshare insurance which charges a nightly rate for short term rental; this is a form of insurance that the other large companies may not offer.  Additionally, Progressive offers a lot of commercial insurance options. Moreover, Progressive offers a variety of different types of personal insurance. These types of insurance include electronic device insurance, health insurance, ID theft insurance, pet insurance, wedding and event insurance, travel insurance and umbrella insurance.  Progressive offers several different types of life insurance as well. Moreover, Progressive offers personal loans, home financing, home refinancing, and a car shopping service.

AllState offers a variety of other coverage besides simple car insurance. The company offers Property Insurance which includes homeowners insurance for traditional homes as well as condos, motor homes, mobile homes, and renters insurance for apartments.  Furthermore, the company offers landlord insurance. AllState also offers a number of Business Insurance coverage options. The company offers more Life Insurance options than some of the other insurance companies with whole life insurance, universal life insurance, cash value life insurance, term life insurance, and permanent life insurance.  Thus, AllState is a great company from which to purchase life insurance. Additionally, AllState offers some Retirement and Investment options.

Best Other Insurance Options Winner – Progressive

Which Company Offers The Best Website Experience?

Geico provides both an easy to use website and a mobile app for its customers to manage their car insurance.  On the website, you can get a quote, buy auto insurance, download your insurance card, pay your bill, manage your coverage, and file, view, and manage a claim.  Not only can you do most of these things through the app as well, the app features Kate, a virtual assistant, who can answer your questions.

Progressive offers a few more tech features than the other three companies. Firstly, it offers a website which is easy to navigate if you use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen instead of clicking ‘Auto.’ This allows you to see the coverage options and discounts which are organized in a logical manner.  Using the website, you can get a car insurance quote, purchase auto insurance, print your ID card, pay your bill, manage your policy, and file, view, and manage a claim. Progressive also has a mobile app through which you can file a claim and get repair services. Furthermore, Progressive offers virtual assistance through Google Home devices. Moreover, Progressive allows you to use Facebook Messenger to get a quote through its Flo Chatbot.

State Farm offers both a comprehensive website and a mobile app for you to manage your insurance.  From the website you can download a copy of your ID card, pay your bill, manage your coverage, and file, view and manage claims.  From its Pocket Agent app, you can pay your bill, file a claim and get roadside assistance.

AllState offers a comprehensive website as well as a mobile app.  On the website you can download your ID card, pay your bill, manage your coverage and file and view the status of a claim.  AllState’s app features a QuickFoto claim feature to make filing a claim as simple as submitting a photo through its mobile app.  Through the app, you can also pay your premium and get roadside assistance.

Best Website/ Tech Experience Winner – Progressive

Final Word

Each of these four auto insurance companies, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and AllState have their strengths and weaknesses.  For those looking for the best rates, Geico is definitely the best company to go with. Geico also offers the best discounts to go with these low rates.  For those who are concerned about the best claims satisfaction rating, on the other hand, State Farm is the clear winner. State Farm, however, is not available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Progressive gives the best coverage options, the best other insurance options, and the best website/ tech experience. And each of these four companies offer some great special features. Therefore, choosing the right auto insurance company for you out of these four companies depends on what you are looking for and which criteria are important to you.  AllState, however, was not the standout winner in any of the categories with both rates on the high side and low claims satisfaction.

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