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How To Get Car Insurance After DUI?

Getting cheap car insurance after a DUI or DWI conviction isn’t easy. You’re now considered a high-risk driver, which means auto coverage providers see you as more of a risk to insure than a typical driver and they charge higher premiums as a result. Plus, your state probably requires you to complete an SR-22 insurance filing — another red flag for insurance companies.

Still, there are a few ways to get coverage after a DUI conviction, and as long as you don’t make the same mistake more than once, you won’t be a high-risk driver forever.

Types of DUI Car Insurance

First, understand that “DUI car insurance” isn’t a specific type of car insurance, per se. It’s any car insurance a driver has after a DUI or DWI conviction.

That said, there are a few ways you can get car insurance after a DUI conviction:

  • Keep your current car insurance policy.
    • This only applies if your provider doesn’t drop you, and you can afford the increase in rates.
  • Purchase “high-risk” car insurance.
    • Chances are, your insurance policy will be a high-risk policy even if you’re able to keep the policy you had before you DUI conviction. This is because the provider now sees you as a high-risk driver, and will charge you a higher premium.
    • If your provider won’t keep you as a policyholder, you can shop around for car insurance with other companies. Note that more than likely, these companies will quote you as a high-risk driver, and label your policy as high-risk insurance. Many reputable car insurance companies sell high-risk policies including, but not limited to, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, GEICO, and The General.
  • Join a state-assigned risk pool.
    • Car insurance companies participate in state-assigned risk pools on a voluntary basis, and these risk pools have pros and cons. Pro: When your state assigns you to an insurance provider, that provider must provide you with coverage no matter your driving history. Con: Buying insurance through a risk pool is significantly higher than buying a private policy on your own.
    • Talk with an insurance professional or your state’s insurance department for the assigned risk pool in your state.

File an SR-22 Form

After you’re convicted of a DUI or DWI, most states require you to file an SR-22 form along with proof of your car insurance. Depending on your state, this might be an FR-44 form. Some states require SR-22 filing even if your driver’s license is still suspended and/or you don’t own a vehicle.

Although the general public often refers to SR-22 as “SR-22 car insurance,” SR-22 forms aren’t types of car insurance; rather, they’re Certificate of Responsibility (CFR) forms you must file with your department of motor vehicles or other state agency, verifying you have at least the minimum car insurance required by your state. Thus, these forms are in addition to your auto insurance.

Expect car insurance with SR-22 filing to be more expensive that general auto insurance. Why? The mere fact that you need an SR-22 form in the first place. Not only is SR-22 required for DUI convictions, but most states require it for reckless or negligent driving; at-fault accidents; repeat traffic offenses in a short time period; driving without insurance; and driving with a suspended or revoked license. In other words, you must get SR-22 if you’ve done something dangerous and now qualify as a high-risk driver.

Most major car insurance providers offer car insurance with SR-22 filing, and you can either file the form yourself or have your provider do it on your behalf. State Farm, Progressive, GEICO, Esurance, Allstate, and The General are just a few examples of auto insurance companies that will both provide and file SR-22 forms for their policyholders.

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Companies That Sell Car Insurance to Drivers With DUIs

On average, car insurance rates increase by more than $1,000 annually after a DUI conviction. However, your exact increase will depend on the company you choose (or stick with), your state, and your driving record.

Cheapest DUI Car Insurance Companies

You already know insurance companies increase rates after DUI or DWI convictions, but you won’t know how much your increase will be until you get quotes from multiple providers.

Below are average DUI car insurance rates from several major insurance providers.

CompanyNo DUI PremiumAfter DUI PremiumAnnual Increase
State Farm$1,514$2,478+$964
Liberty Mutual$1,513$2,248+$735

As you can see, on average, Liberty Mutual is the cheapest car insurance company after a DUI conviction. However, your exact annual premium will vary depending on both the company’s rating factors and your personal situation. Therefore, to get the most affordable rates for you, it’s crucial to shop around with various insurance providers.

Most Affordable DUI Insurance Per State

Additionally, we’ve collected average DUI car insurance rates for several states.

California$788 (Mercury)$1,449 (Farmers)$1,507
Florida$837 (State Farm)$2,542 (Direct General)$1,984
Georgia$865 (Allstate)$1,379 (State Farm)
*$799 (USAA)
Illinois$514 (Country)$908 (American Family)$680
Michigan$1,574 (Progressive)$3,959 (State Farm)$4,848
New York$1,077 (Progressive)$1,539 (GEICO)$1,460
North Carolina$570 (National General)$1,594 (Progressive)$1,493
Ohio$332 (Erie)$576 (Allstate)$614
Pennsylvania$365 (Erie)$753 (GEICO)$795
Texas$544 (Southern County Mutual)$1,108 (State Farm)
*$570 (USAA)

* USAA is available only to active and veteran military members and their families.

Looking at this chart, a couple of takeaways to note include:

  • While some companies provide the cheapest DUI car insurance in some states, they provide the most expensive in others.
    • For example, on average State Farm is the cheapest in Florida but most expensive in Georgia and Michigan.
  • Likewise, drivers in some states are going to find more affordable insurance after a DUI than others.
    • For example, drivers in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania likely will find cheaper DUI coverage than drivers in Michigan, Florida, and California.

These show that car insurance rates can vary wildly depending on your state, each car insurance company, and the details of your own driving record.

Shop for Cheap Car Insurance After a DUI

Immediately following a DUI conviction, you should start shopping around for the most affordable car insurance for you. This might mean getting high-risk car insurance quotes from various providers or signing up for your state’s assigned risk pool. Your rates will be higher than usual, but comparing quotes from various companies can help soften the blow somewhat.

Additionally, you’ll most likely need to file an SR-22 or FR-44 form with your department of motor vehicles or the equivalent state agency. Save some time by shopping only with insurance providers that provide SR-22 forms; even better, find companies that file them with the appropriate state agency on your behalf.
Once the conviction is removed from your record (anywhere from five to 10 years or longer, depending on your state’s laws), it’s time to get new quotes and find cheaper car insurance.

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