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Hartville Pet Insurance Review 2020

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One of the lesser-known pet insurance companies is Hartville Pet Insurance, which typically doesn’t pop up on any big 10 pet insurance company lists. So how does coverage stack up? Below you can see our in-depth Hartville Pet Insurance review, which will look at pros and cons, the company background, what it’s like to get a quote, coverage options, and how prices compare to other companies.  

About Hartville Pet Insurance:

The company was founded in 1997 and boasts being one of the original pet insurance providers. Since 2006, Hartville Pet Insurance has been the only partner to the ASPCA in the pet insurance industry.  

Hartville Pet Insurance is a brand under Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group. Policies have been underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company since 2006.  


  • Covers dental diseases right on the main plan.
  • Plans are divided between complete coverage and accident-only, allowing you to select which plan fits your needs and budget best.
  • The overall coverage is fairly comprehensive, including accidents, illnesses, hereditary, and congenital conditions, and even behavioral issues.

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  • Added full preventative care runs a bit pricey at an extra $24.95 per month.
  • Like many pet insurance plans, it does not cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, or breeding costs.

Hartville Pet Insurance Review Ratings:

Hartville is listed under Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It currently holds an A+ rating with the agency.  

Consumers Advocate rates Hartville Pet Insurance with a 3.5/5 (Very good) rating. They like how competitive the pricing is for the amount of coverage you get.  

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How Much does Hartville Pet Insurance Cost?

We pulled 12 quotes on Hartville’s website. We looked between three states: Texas, Florida, and California. We also compared a 1-year-old dog and 5-year-old dog, as well as between Labrador Retrievers, representing small/medium dogs, and German Shepherds, representing big dogs.  

  • Texas, 1-year-old, small/medium dogs: $71 per month 
  • Texas, 5-year-old, small/medium dogs: $86 per month 
  • Texas, 1-year-old, big dogs: $65 per month 
  • Texas, 5-year-old, big dogs: $79per month 
  • Florida, 1-year-old, small/medium dogs: $63 per month 
  • Florida, 5-year-old, small/medium dogs: $77 per month 
  • Florida, 1-year-old, big dogs: $58 per month 
  • Florida, 5-year-old, big dogs: $70 per month 
  • California, 1-year-old, small/medium dogs: $65 per month 
  • California, 5-year-old, small/medium dogs: $79 per month 
  • California, 1-year-old, big dogs: $59 per month 
  • California, 5-year-old, big dogs: $72 per month 

Looking at the Hartville Pet Insurance review price quotes. Like all pet insurance companies, the price between a 1-year-old dog and 5-year-old dog does jump, though only around $13 on average. Prices between breed account for only several dollars difference. The price between locations is also fairly stable, with only slight fluctuations there.

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Hartville Pet Insurance Review Quote Comparison: 

In order to get an idea of how Hartville’s prices hold up in relation to other companies, we compared Hartville with Nationwide and ASPCA pet insurance plans. We looked between three states: Texas, Florida and California. We also compared a 1-year-old dog and 5-year-old dog, as well as between Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds.  

Finally, to keep the comparisons even, we selected a $250 deductible in all instances. We also went with the highest annual limit possible, so unlimited for Hartville and Nationwide, and $10,000 for ASPCA.  

   NationwideASPCA Pet Health InsuranceHartville
TexasSmall/Medium Dog1 year old$99$54$71
5 years old$136$66$86
Big Dog1 year old$99$50$65
5 years old$136$61$79
FloridaSmall/Medium Dog1 year old$111$48$63
5 years old$127$59$77
Big Dog1 year old$111$44$58
5 years old$127$54$70
CaliforniaSmall/Medium Dog1 year old$91$50$65
5 years old$126$60$79
Big Dog1 year old$91$46$59
5 years old$126$55$72

How Hartville compares to its competitors is fairly straightforward: it’s drastically less expensive than Nationwide and slightly more expensive than ASPCA. That applies across all locations, breeds, and pet ages. Nationwide is known for its very comprehensive wellness plans, whereas Hartville only has a wellness reimbursement plan, so the drastic price difference isn’t too surprising. However, Hartville has an unlimited annual benefit, whereas ASPCA’s is only $10,000, so the mild price increase there is a little more surprising.    

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Hartville Pet Insurance Review of the Quote Process:

You literally can’t miss the quote process on Hartville’s home page: it takes up the whole page. You simply state whether you’re getting insurance for a cat or dog, enter the pet’s name and type in your zip code to start the process. 

Once you enter that information, you’ll see this screen:

On this page, the breed field is responsive. You start to type your pet’s breed and a dropdown menu allows you to choose the full breed name. The age field allows you to easily select the age by years. Once you finish selecting the gender of your pet and entering your email, you can hit the “view coverage” button. After that, you get to the initial quote page, which looks like this:

The page does a seamless job of updating in real-time. For instance, when we moved the annual limit to $10,000 and the reimbursement to 70 percent, the price went from $46.83 to $49.21: 

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page reveals an extensive list of what’s covered and what’s not:

Links on this page do a good job of loading pop-up screens that outline coverage in even further detail. It’s worth noting that Hartville Pet Insurance has a fairly standard waiting period of 15 days.

Overall, getting a quote from Hartville Pet Insurance is a no-fuss, intuitive process that does an amazing job of outlining your benefits right on the main quote page. The links and FAQ tab are great at providing further details.  

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Hartville Pet Insurance Review Coverage Assessment:

Hartville is notable for the fact that it covers dental diseases right on its main plan, which many pet insurance companies won’t do. Many only cover dental in the case of an accident or require a dental care add-on.  

Hartville also allows you to choose between the complete coverage plan or accident-only coverage. There’s a link to the side of the quote page, which takes you to the accident-only plan. The plan is similarly customizable to the complete coverage option, allowing you to change the annual benefit, reimbursement and deductible. It costs about half as much as the complete coverage plan per month. You can see a sample of the quote page for the accident-only plan here: 

Hartville Pet Insurance states right on the quote page, when you scroll down, that preventative care like wellness exams are not included in the base plan. However, you can add a preventative care reimbursement option on top of the base complete coverage plan or accident-only plan after you select which plan you want. After you select the plan, you advance to the “let’s review your quote” page. On that page, there is a link labeled “View Preventative Care options” that takes you to this screen:

As you can see, it covers dental cleaning under this plan, as well as neutering, wellness exams and a host of tests for an added $24.95, or a more basic version costs $9.95 per month.

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Final Thoughts in Our Hartville Pet Insurance Review:

  • Hartville Pet Insurance is a brand with a trusted record, since it was founded in 1997. Today it operates as a brand under Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group and is an industry partner of the ASPCA brand of pet insurance.  
  • Both the BBB and Consumers Advocate give the brand a good rating.  
  • Hartville’s main plan pricing is fair and competitive given the amount of coverage you get.
  • The quote system on the company’s website is quick, intuitive and informative. 
  • The coverage is very comprehensive, offering dental disease in the main complete coverage plan and preventative care reimbursement as an optional add on. You can also choose between just accident-only or complete coverage plans.

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