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QuoteWizard Review 2019

BravoDollar Editor rating:

QuoteWizard seems like a solid insurance marketplace that helps connect consumers with auto insurance companies based on your personal information, but how many companies — more specifically, how accurate a match — depends.

About QuoteWizard (

QuoteWizard is an online insurance marketplace and lead generation website. The company was founded in Seattle, WA in 2007 and acquired by online loan marketplace LendingTree in 2018.  

QuoteWizard works with many insurance companies, big and small, including Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Esurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, USAA, Mercury, The General, and more. However, consumers don’t get quotes directly from QuoteWizard; after completing the quote flow, they’re directed to the providers’ actual websites (often to provide more details) before they get insurance quotes. Furthermore, they won’t get quotes from each company QuoteWizard partners with; rather, QuoteWizard matches consumers with the insurance companies that best suit each consumer based on his or her details.

Like many lead generation websites, QuoteWizard makes its bread and butter by charging insurance companies and agents for leads and any additional filters the company applies.

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QuoteWizard Ratings & Consumer Complaints

QuoteWizard has been the recipient of several awards, nominations, and other accolades over the years, including:

  • 2017 Bootstrapper of the Year Nominee (GeekWire Awards).
  • 2015 Fastest Growing Companies (Inc. 500).
  • 2014 Insurance Leader Awards (LeadsCouncil).

QuoteWizard is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Currently, there are more than 30 reviews, most of which give the company one star, and more than 30 customer complaints; however, QuoteWizard has addressed most of the complaints on BBB. Many of the reviews and complaints from:

  • Insurance Agents: These agents have complaints about the leads they received.
  • Consumers: Unhappy with the lead generation setup of the website (i.e. they’re not happy being bounced to insurance companies to provide more of the same information for quotes).

Reviews on Clearsurance are mixed over 35% of the reviews are “excellent.” Additionally:

  • 68% of consumers reported a positive user experience.
  • 63% of consumers gave a positive rating for how their info was used.
  • 60% of consumers would recommend to a friend. rates EverQuote 9.7/10, highlighting the company’s financial strength, claims satisfaction, and customer experience.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes With QuoteWizard

Like some other lead generation websites or marketplaces (such as EverQuote), QuoteWizard doesn’t provide you with insurance quotes. Rather, you provide QuoteWizard with the standard information about you (and any other drivers in the household), your vehicle, and your auto insurance (see below), and QuoteWizard directs you to insurance providers that best match with your details and needs.

  • Yourself and Other Drivers: full name, birth date, gender, marital status; own or rent home; credit rating; any accidents, tickets (two or more), or DUI convictions in the last three years; email address.
  • Vehicle(s): make, model, trim, and year. 
  • Your Current Auto Insurance: whether you’ve had coverage in the last 30 days; current provider; how long you’ve had continuous coverage.

During the quote flow process, you’ll also be prompted about possible discounts, such as for entering a second vehicle or applying for quotes for more than one line of insurance (e.g. auto and homeowners).

Similar to netQuote, QuoteWizard doesn’t offer you an option to opt in to get quotes from insurance agents and independent insurance brokers by phones or emails. You have to provide your phone number and email address as a part of the process. And they will sell your contact information for agents and broker who pay the most for your business. These agents and brokers will reach out to you to provide you with quotes.

This seems to be the common approach among the insurance marketplaces, except EverQuote who has the most consumer friendly approach by allowing you to opt in if you want to receive quotes from agents and brokers by phones. Otherwise, you will just go on to insurance companies’ websites to get quotes directly from them online. That is the reason why we rate EverQuote the best car insurance comparison site.

With a clean driving record, excellent credit rating, full-time employment, continuous auto coverage for more than seven years, and a Texas address I still received only one match: Progressive. If you are interested, learn why I received one match only and how marketplaces like QuoteWizard make this decision as a critical part of their business model.

After agreeing, I was taken to Progressive’s website and prompted to enter my details again. My quote for what they call a “basic” policy wasn’t astronomical ($44 per month), and probably would have been lower with multi-line and multi-driver discounts.

The Pros & Cons of Getting Quotes from QuoteWizard


  • Streamlined website;
  • Quick quote application process.*
  • Not as aggressive as some other lead generation websites.**


  • Directed to insurance provider websites for quotes.***
  • Many agents complain of substandard leads, meaning consumers might not be getting the best matches.
  • Not offering consumers a choice if they want to receive quotes from agents and brokers by phones and/or emails.

* The quick application process could be due to QuoteWizard not requiring as many details as most other insurance marketplaces require. Given that you have to provide your details again to the actual insurance provider, this might not matter.

** I only received two followup emails; both were from the provider I chose to get a quote from.

*** QuoteWizard doesn’t provide quotes. You have to get quotes directly from the insurance provider, often after re-entering your information.

Types of Insurance Through QuoteWizard

In addition to auto insurance quotes, QuoteWizard matches you with providers to get quotes for:

  • Home Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Final Thoughts

Although some consumers complain about an abundance of emails and phone calls after using QuoteWizard (and it’s a fairly standard complaint with lead generation websites and insurance marketplaces in general), I received only two follow up emails and they were directly from the provider. However, it should be noted that I didn’t give my telephone number so I can’t speak to harassing phone calls. My quote wasn’t as low as what I currently pay, but some of my current discount-worthy factors hadn’t been taken into consideration yet (such as multi-line policies and an incredibly low annual mileage). 

Overall, QuoteWizard has the potential to help drivers who are seriously shopping around for lower car insurance rates; however, because you most likely will be contacted, we wouldn’t recommend it to those who are just curious about lower rates and not ready to talk shop.

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