What Is SR-22 Insurance in Massachusetts and How Much Does It Cost?

SR-22 coverage is an insurance filing requirement for high-risk drivers. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle (MA RMV) doesn’t have SR-22 filing requirements, but drivers who commit serious traffic violations like drunk driving can expect to pay higher than average car insurance premiums.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance isn’t actually insurance; it’s an insurance filing requirement for high-risk drivers proving they’ve purchased their state’s minimum liability insurance requirements.

A driver becomes a high-risk driver when he commits a traffic violation serious enough that the state driver and motor vehicle agency and insurance companies want to keep an eye on him. Some common examples of those seriously traffic offenses include:

  • Drunk driving.
  • At-fault accidents. 
  • Reckless driving.
  • Significant speeding.
  • Driving with no insurance or a suspended license.

Usually, states that require SR-22 filing require it even if the high-risk driver doesn’t own a vehicle. That’s called Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance, and just like regular SR-22 filing, it’s often a condition of driver’s license reinstatement.
SR-22 filing periods typically last for 3 years and have an average $25 filing fee. However, drivers with SR-22 filing requirements will pay increased auto insurance premiums.

Does Massachusetts Have SR-22 Insurance Requirements?

No, Massachusetts does not have SR-22 insurance filing requirements*. 

Still, you’re not off the hook if you’ve committed a serious traffic violation. You must still carry the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements (often, this is also a requirement for driver’s license reinstatement) and you can expect the annual premiums for that insurance to be higher than average. That’s because providers see you as a higher risk to insure than drivers with clean driving records.

* New residents who were filing SR-22 certification in their former state might need to continue that coverage until the time period is up. Talk to a MA RMV agent for details.

Expect to pay higher insurance rates until you’re able to clean up your driving record.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For High-Risk Drivers in Massachusetts?

Let’s take a look at the average annual car insurance premiums you’re looking at after you’re convicted of a serious traffic violation.

OffenseAverage MA Annual Rate% Increase
At Fault Accident$1,98164.1%
Speeding Ticket$1,2071.1%

The state of Massachusetts severely penalizes drivers with a DUI. The 91% increase in insurance premiums is higher than the nationwide increase of 72%. For the most part, there’s no getting around increased car insurance rates after a major traffic conviction; however, there are several highly rated companies for high-risk driver coverage.

Rates After a DUI

Here are the average rates ranging from least expensive to most expensive if you need to get car insurance after a DUI conviction:

Insurance ProviderAverage MA Annual Rate After DUI
Plymouth Rock$1,461
Liberty Mutual$3,681

Plymouth Rock and GEICO are by far the most affordable insurance providers if you have a DUI. Another company to consider is Hanover. These companies offer rates that are lower than the MA statewide average rate for a driver with a DUI of $2,350. Here are other insurance providers to consider if you have a DUI.

Final Thoughts

Massachusetts doesn’t have SR-22 filing requirements, but car insurance companies do charge high-risk drivers higher auto coverage premiums. Here is a guide to the best cheap car insurance providers in Massachusetts.


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