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What Is SR-22 Insurance in New York and How Much Does It Cost?

SR-22 coverage is an insurance filing requirement for high-risk drivers — those who’ve been convicted of serious traffic violations like drunk driving or at-fault accidents. New York doesn’t have SR-22 filing requirements, but auto insurance providers charge higher rates for high-risk drivers.

What Is SR-22 Insurance?

We often refer to it as “SR-22 insurance,” but SR-22 is actually an insurance filing requirement. When a driver files SR-22 certification, it notifies the state driver and motor vehicle agency that the driver has purchased and is maintaining the minimum liability insurance requirements.

Some states have SR-22 filing requirements for drivers who are convicted of serious traffic violations — also known as high-risk drivers — and have their driver licenses suspended or revoked. Typically, purchasing car insurance with an SR-22 filing requirement is one step toward getting their licenses reinstated. 
Most people think the SR-22 filing requirement is expensive, but the filing fee is usually around $25. The expensive part is the higher car insurance rates that high-risk drivers have to pay. Fortunately, once a driver completes the SR-22 filing period — which is often three years — he can begin shopping around for more affordable premiums.

Does New York Have SR-22 Insurance Requirements?

No, New York does not have SR-22 insurance filing requirements.

However, that does not mean New Yorkers are in the clear when they commit serious traffic offenses. Far from it.

Take note:

  • New residents who were required to file SR-22 in their former state might have to maintain that coverage for the duration of the filing period.
    • Talk to a New York Department of Motor Vehicles (NY DMV) representative when you transfer your driver’s license and registration.
  • Whether or not you’ve been convicted of a serious traffic offense, you must carry the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements.
  • Once a car insurance company sees you as a high-risk driver, your car insurance rates will increase — by a lot (see below).

Expect to pay higher insurance rates until you’re able to clean up your driving record.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For High-Risk Drivers in New York?

Let’s look at the average premiums for some of New York’s most common serious traffic violations.

OffenseAverage NY Annual Rate% Increase
At Fault Accident$2,48356.1%
Speeding Ticket$1,60610.9%

As you can see, they’re not cheap. To get the most affordable rates available, shop with the most highly rated companies for high-risk drivers.

Rates After a DUI

Here are the average rates ranging from least expensive to most expensive if you need to get car insurance after a DUI conviction:

Insurance ProviderAverage NY Annual Rate After DUI
New York Central Mutual$3,844
Liberty Mutual$4,863
State Farm$6,221

Progressive is by far the most affordable insurance provider if you have a DUI. Another company to consider is Allstate and GEICO. Here are other insurance providers to consider if you have a DUI.

Final Thoughts

For now, you don’t have to worry about SR-22 insurance filing; however, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for committing a serious traffic violation. Not only do you face license suspension or revocation, fines, driving record points, and possible jail time, you also face increased car insurance rates. Here is a guide to the best cheap car insurance providers in New York.

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