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What Is SR-22 Insurance in Texas and How Much Does It Cost?

When your license has been suspended or revoked due to a serious traffic violation, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) requires you to purchase an auto insurance policy with an SR-22 filing requirement. While the SR-22 filing fee usually is around $25, the auto insurance rates themselves are higher than usual premiums. Expect to keep the SR-22 for 2 years.

What Is SR-22 Insurance in Texas?

Although it’s commonly called “SR-22 insurance,” SR-22 is actually an insurance filing requirement.

When the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) orders you to purchase car insurance with an SR-22 filing requirement, it means you must show proof you’ve purchased and are maintaining the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements. Typically, your auto coverage will file a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) with the TX DPS proving this for you but the DPS does make it possible for you to file.
Generally, the SR-22 filing fee is around $25 (though your car insurance rates will increase) and the TX DPS requires you to keep it for 2 years

When Do You Need an SR-22 in Texas?

The TX DPS will require you to purchase car insurance with an SR-22 filing requirement when you’re convicted of a serious traffic offense and your driver’s license is suspended or revoked. Typically, these offenses label you a “high-risk driver” in the eyes of both the TX DPS and car insurance companies.

The most common violations include:

  • DUI or DWI.
  • At-fault accident.
  • Significant speeding.
  • Careless or reckless driving.
  • Driving with a suspended license.
  • Driving with no insurance.
  • Car accident with no insurance.

The TX DPS will not reinstate your driver’s license until your coverage provider files the SR-22 paperwork, proving you’ve purchased and are maintaining the state’s minimum car insurance requirements.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost in Texas?

For many drivers, the words “SR-22” and “expensive” go hand in hand. While they’re not entirely wrong (the car insurance isn’t cheap), they aren’t exactly right, either.

Buying car insurance with an SR-22 filing requirement does cost more than your basic auto insurance policy, but SR-22 filing isn’t expensive (typically, SR-22 filing fees are around $25); the insurance premiums are what increase.

Texas has the same minimum liability requirements for high-risk drivers who need SR-22 as it does for regular drivers. So, you’re not paying for more coverage. However, you are paying more expensive annual premiums. This is because you were convicted of a serious traffic offense. Providers now see you as a high-risk driver and so they’re going to protect themselves and charge higher rates.

Furthermore, your more expensive annual premium is usually determined by the traffic violation that led to your SR-22 requirement in the first place.

Here’s a look at some of the current average annual rates for high-risk drivers based on the traffic violation:

OffenseAverage TX Annual Rate% Increase
At Fault Accident$3,25374.5%
Speeding Ticket$1,9185.5%

Rates After a DUI

Furthermore, these are the average rates you can expect from a few reputable car insurance companies if you need SR-22 filing due to a DUI conviction:

Insurance ProviderAverage TX Annual Rate After DUI
Texas Farm Bureau$1,544
State Farm$2,227
Home State$5,781

Texas Farm Bureau is the most affordable, followed by USAA. However, USAA is only available to current members of the military and veterans. State Farm is the next cheapest in the state of Texas if you have a DUI.

As you can see, it’s not easy finding cheap car insurance with a DUI conviction. Consider these auto insurance providers that provide insurance to high risk drivers. Your best bet for more affordable coverage is to start shopping for new auto insurance quotes after your SR-22 filing is over or the DUI is removed from your driving record.

How Does SR-22 in Texas Work?

If getting SR-22 sounds difficult, it’s not. All you have to do is:

  • Either notify your coverage provider and let them know you need SR-22 or shop around for a more affordable policy (your current insurance company might not offer the most affordable premiums).
    • Most reputable insurance providers are authorized to provide SR-22 filing.
    • Let the agent know if you don’t currently have a car or drive so you can get a Texas Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance policy.
  • File the SR-22 certification with the TX DPS.
    • Often, the insurance company handles this for you.
    • The SR-22 filing fee is around $25.
  • Maintain your SR-22 for 2 years.
    • If you or your insurance company cancel or terminate your coverage or let the coverage lapse before those 2 years are over, the insurance company will notify the TX DPS.

Once you’ve completed your SR-22 coverage period, you can start comparing auto insurance quotes to find more affordable coverage. Also, be sure to use our guide to find the best cheap car insurance in Texas.

Final Thoughts

Getting car insurance with an SR-22 filing requirement isn’t difficult, but it is more expensive than regular coverage. While your filing fee usually is about $25, the annual premiums are going to be higher than you’re used to. You must keep the SR-22 coverage for 2 years (or longer, if the TX DPS decides), but after that you can shop around for more affordable car insurance premiums.

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