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Travelers 2019 Auto Insurance Review: Rates, Claims Satisfaction, and Coverage

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Travelers is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States with 30,000 employees and 13,500 independent agents. Although it is known to have a number of discounts to lower the cost of its auto insurance, Travelers’ rates are on the high side in comparison with other national auto insurance companies. The claims satisfaction ratings are slightly above the industry average, but that may not outweigh the high premiums especially if you are looking for value. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a company to cover multiple needs, they also offer coverage for boats and yachts, personal property, including home and condo insurance, renters insurance, umbrella insurance, weddings and events coverage, and valuable items insurance. Furthermore, Travelers offers an extensive selection of business insurance coverage.


  • Travelers is ranked above the national average for claims satisfaction according to a 2018 J.D. Power auto insurance survey.
  • Offers a number of discounts including a driving usage app that could save you up to 20% in insurance premiums.
  • Provides a variety of different types of insurance including car, property, landlord, umbrella, weddings and events, and business insurance.
  • Offers different types of business insurance including insurance for small businesses, large businesses, and multinational businesses. Thus, this is an excellent insurance company for people looking for a breath of business insurance coverage.
  • Rated A++ by A.M. Best for financial strength.


  • Has high rates compared to other national insurance companies.
  • Its homeowners insurance claims and customer satisfaction ratings are lower than that of its auto insurance.

Travelers is an extremely financially solid company with an A++ rating making it a great insurance company for your business insurance needs whether it is a small business, large business, or multi-national business.

Travelers may not be a good choice for car insurance for anyone who is concerned about the price of car insurance.  However, if money is no object, Travelers does have a higher claims satisfaction rating compared to the industry average.  Nevertheless, Travelers may not be the company where you want to bundle auto and home when you consider its homeowners insurance has received a number of significant consumer complaints.

The Value Equation ($$$)

Premium price is one of the main factors that consumers look at when searching for automobile insurance.  This is where many of Travelers’ customers have a complaint. Travelers auto insurance is actually the third most expensive auto insurance of the top ten largest auto insurers according to a U.S. survey.  However, just as other large auto insurance companies do, Travelers bases your rate on traditional criteria such as age, location, coverage choices, driving history, and type of vehicle.

To get a quote from Travelers, you can start by going online or you can call 1-866-971-6358.  If you do receive an online quote, you will be referred to an agent to complete your purchase should you choose to do so.

Here is a quick glimpse of how Travelers Insurance’s average premiums compare to two other large national providers.

 GEICOTravelersState Farm
Drivers in their 20s$1,413$2,395$2,337
Drivers in their 30s$1,200$2,150$2,343
Drivers with at-fault accident$1,556$4,283$1,501
Drivers with DUI/DWI$2,518$5,762$3,806

As you can see below, Travelers rates are higher in most categories than the largest and second largest insurance company in the United States.


Travelers rates are significantly higher than that of other insurance companies; therefore, it is very important for the auto insurance company to offer discounts in order to make the insurance more affordable.  These discounts include the following:

  • Policy Discounts – Travelers offers a discount for having multiple policies with the company.  It also offers a discount for having more than one car insurance under the MultiCar discount. If you do not have any gaps in coverage you may qualify for its Continuous Insurance Discount.
  • Student Discounts – High school and college students who maintain a B average or above can qualify for an 8% Good Student discount.  The company also offers a Student Away At School Discount for college students who go to school at least 100 miles away from the car.
  • Driver Training Discount – Travelers rewards drivers who continue their driving education with discounts of up to 8%.
  • Safe Driver Discount – If you don’t have any accidents, tickets, or major comprehensive claims, you can qualify for this discount.  The IntelliDrive Program is a 90-day safe driver program that uses a phone app to capture your driving you can get up to a 20% discount for having safe driving habits with this program.
  • Homeownership Discount – Travelers offers a car insurance discount to homeowners and condo owners even if they do not purchase property insurance through Travelers.
  • Hybrid/Electric Auto Discount – You can receive a discount for owning this type of vehicle.
  • New Car Discount – A discount of up to 10% for owning a new car.
  • EFT, Paid in Full, and Good Payer Discount – You qualify for discounts for paying by electronic funds transfer, paying in full and being a good payer.
  • Early Quote Discount – You may qualify for a discount by getting a quote from Travelers before your policy with another auto company expires if you switch.

Claims Satisfaction

An auto insurance company’s claims satisfaction rating is just as important as price when searching for a quality insurance company.  Travelers’ claims satisfaction rating is above the national industry average which is a very important factor when you consider the price of this company’s auto insurance.

How easy is it to file a claim with Travelers?

What is the average customer experience and satisfaction with Travelers?

Every year, J. D. Power surveys an estimated 10,000 customers who have filed a claim in the last six months.  Insurance providers are ranked on a 1000-point scale based on the results of this survey. Travelers is ranked above the industry average of 861/1000 with a score of 866/1000.  In comparison, State Farm scored 864/1000 and GEICO scored below the national industry average with 857/1000.

Coverage Options

FeaturesTravelersState FarmGEICO
Physical Damage
Medical Payment Coverage
Uninsured Motorist
Roadside Assistance
Rideshare (Uber/Lyft)✔ (available in Colorado and Illinois only)
Rental Reimbursement✔ Also includes up to $500 in travel expense coverage
Gap InsuranceOnly for State Farm Bank financed vehiclesX

Travelers offers a few more coverage options than many other auto insurance companies.  Therefore, you will probably find the coverage options that you need from Travelers. This does not mean that it will be at the price you want.

Other Insurance

Travelers Insurance has a variety of different property insurance types including homeowners insurance, condo insurance, and renters insurance. The company also provides insurance for landlords. It is important to note, however, that according to ValuePenguin and other insurance reviewers, the homeowners insurance is considered by many to be subpar.

Boat and Yacht Insurance is available through Travelers to allow you to protect these valuable vessels. This differs from the insurance offered by many other insurance companies which covers personal boats, but not yachts as well.

Travelers insures jewelry and valuable items such as collectibles.  Many people rely on their homeowners policy to cover these items. However, for expensive jewelry, a typical homeowners policy may not offer enough coverage.  Thus, Travelers offers additional coverage for these items.

You can purchase umbrella insurance through Travelers to make sure your assets are adequately protected.

Wedding and Event insurance is also available through Travelers. This type of insurance protects you if the event needs to be postponed or cancelled for unexpected reasons.  The company states that this insurance covers cancellation or postponement of the event, event photographs and videos, event gifts, special attire, special jewelry, lost deposits, liability insurance for an additional fee, and liquor liability insurance for an additional fee.

Travelers offers a wider selection of business insurance than most other insurance companies.  The company offers business insurance for small businesses, large businesses, and multi-national businesses. Some types of business insurance that the company offers includes Workers Compensation, General Liability, Surety Bonds, Property Coverage, Management and Professional Liability, Commercial Auto and Trucking Coverage, Cyber Liability Insurance, and Small Business Owners Policies.  Travelers offers coverage tailored to a wide variety of industries. Furthermore, the company offers some business services to help business owners understand their risk.

Website Experience

The Travelers website is one of the easiest to navigate after you get to the main site.  The website includes information about the types of insurance, the coverage options, the discounts, and how to file a claim.  On the website, you can get a car insurance quote, file a claim, pay a bill, print out your auto insurance cards, make changes to your policy and more.  MyTravelers is an online website portal offered by Travelers for you to do all of this. The company also has an app that you can download for mobile devices.  Furthermore, Travelers has a partnership with Amazon allowing you to manage your policy through Alexa. Thus, the company’s website and electronic features are more advanced than most other auto insurance companies.

The Bottom Line

  • Travelers auto insurance rates are higher than most other large national auto insurance rates. Shop around for better rates.
  • Travelers Insurance is solid financially with an A++ rating from A.M. Best.
  • Travelers offers a variety of insurance products to allow you to potentially get all of your insurance coverage from one place. One drawback to this, however, is that Travelers’ homeowners insurance may be consider below standards considering the consumer ratings.
  • Travelers’ claims satisfaction rating is above the national average. This is a plus although not a major selling point compared to companies like Erie or Amica who are known for high claims satisfaction.
  • Travelers offers the most extensive selection of business insurance of most insurance companies that offer auto and personal property insurance as well.  There are coverage options for a variety of industries and a variety of business services available. The company has the capacity to insure small businesses, large businesses, and multi-national businesses.
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