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AllState Pet Insurance Review 2019

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Another lesser-known entity in the pet insurance world is Allstate Pet Insurance. Allstate does have a page detailing that it handles pet insurance. However, small print at the bottom of the page states that pet health insurance is not specifically an Allstate product and that it is provided by American Modern Insurance Group. So below we’ll look at Allstate and whether getting a pet insurance policy through them in an agency capacity has any additional benefits.  

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About Allstate Pet Insurance:

Allstate Insurance Company has been in business for 88 years and is headquartered in Northbrook, Ill., according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Even though the company is not BBB accredited, it currently has an A+ rating with the agency.     

To be completely clear, Allstate does not offer its own pet insurance policies. The small print at the bottom of the Allstate Pet Insurance page states that the policy is offered under an expanded market program. American Modern Insurance Group, the company that provides the policies, is the third-party and is not affiliated with Allstate. American Modern itself underwrites Embrace Pet Insurance and offers its policies under that designation. You can read more about the American Modern situation here.

Further, the site does not loop you to a different online quote system or another company’s customer service line. There is simply an option at the top of the page that reads “find a local agent.” When you select that, it takes you to the Allstate agent locator page where you can find a local Allstate office by searching your zip code or city and state. So if you get an American Modern Insurance pet insurance policy through Allstate, you’re going to be working with an Allstate agent.  

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Is There a Benefit to Getting Allstate Pet Insurance?

If you were to get a pet insurance policy through Allstate, you would talk to an Allstate agent at a local office. The agent would then write the policy through American Modern. Allstate works in a broker capacity; Allstate itself doesn’t offer the policy. Additionally, if you needed to make changes such as filing a claim, cancellations or making a payment, you would work through your Allstate agent.   

There is no multi-policy discount or other discounts on the Allstate plans, since pet insurance is a different service.  

Basically, you’d be working through Allstate for the convenience of having someone write up the policy and assist you with any servicing needs afterwards.

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Final Thoughts:

  • Allstate is a solid company with an A+ rating with the BBB. It has been in business for 88 years.
  • However, Allstate does not sell its own pet insurance. Allstate Pet Insurance is actually offered by American Modern Insurance Group. Allstate sells those policies in an agent capacity.  
  • Allstate is based on customer-agent relationships. If you want to know about the policies, you will not be routed to another company’s 800 number or online quote system. Allstate wants you to find a local agent.  
  • If you wanted an American Modern plan through Allstate, an agent would draft up the plan for you. There are no additional discounts doing it this way. It would be mainly for the convenience of someone else handling the plan.

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