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When looking for pet insurance, one of the big 10 companies that pops up is American Modern Insurance Group. However, the company has a bit of a unique place in the pet insurance world. It is actually the underwriter for Embrace Pet Insurance, one of the most popular pet insurance companies in the United States. As such, getting an American Modern Insurance Group pet insurance plan is a bit of a complicated situation. Below we’ll look at what it’s like to work with American Modern for a pet insurance policy.

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About American Modern Insurance Group:

You can access a page on American Modern’s website that details what looks like an independent pet insurance policy. The page lists what it can and cannot cover, like it covers accidents and illnesses, but not pre-existing conditions. The site even tells you that you can expect to pay an average of around $35 per month for dogs and around $15 per month for cats.  

However, the process gets confusing when you realize that American Modern Insurance Group does not let you do online quotes, unlike every other major pet insurer in the United States. 

There is an 800 number listed at the top of the page to call. But when you call it, it leads you straight to Embrace Pet Insurance’s customer service line. So what exactly is going on?

American Modern Insurance Group is an established company of residential property and recreational insurance. It states on its about page that pet health insurance is actually one of its newest lines of insurance.  

If you click the pet insurance link on the about page, it actually takes you to another pet insurance page where it looks like you can start a quote process through American Modern. However, when you select the “get a quote button,” it eventually takes you to Embrace Pet Insurance’s quote process with the American Modern logo at the top. It looks like this: 

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What Are the Benefits to an American Modern Insurance Group Pet Insurance Plan?

The reality of the situation is that American Modern is the underwriter to Embrace Pet Insurance. With American Modern pet insurance, all roads lead to Embrace. To get a pet insurance policy through American Modern Insurance Group is to get one through Embrace. If you would like to learn more about Embrace, you read our review here.

As such, you would make policy updates through the Embrace app or you would call them with questions and claims. It’s the same as having an Embrace policy direct.  

Even calling the main phone number for American Modern Insurance only leads to their residential and recreational insurance lines. American Modern basically operates in a background capacity as far as pet insurance goes. 

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Final Thoughts:

  • To put a complicated situation simply, American Modern Insurance Group is the underwriter for Embrace Pet Insurance.  
  • When you try to access information on American Modern’s pet insurance individually, you are always routed to Embrace’s online quote system or Embrace’s customer service line.
  • As such, Embrace and American Modern are essentially the same as far as policy and pricing go.         

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