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Cheap Pet Insurance That Covers Everything

You have a cat or dog that you want to protect and keep in good health. For many owners this means signing up for pet insurance in case their furry friends need medical care. However, paying for the premiums on complete pet insurance every month can be just as expensive as carrying a person’s health insurance. You don’t want to compromise on your dog’s or cat’s health, but you need relief. Let’s take a look at what you can do for cheap pet insurance that covers everything and exactly what ‘everything’ means!

What Does Pet Insurance Usually Cover?

Most pet insurance covers accidents, illnesses, and injuries to help you out when the unexpected happens, according to PetPlan. However, it doesn’t always cover preventative care. So, what can you expect your pet insurance to pay for and what doesn’t it cover?

What situations would usually be covered under pet insurance?

  • Your dog getting hit by a car
  • A cat falling off that tall bookshelf
  • A newly diagnosed illness
  • Vet exam when your pet is sick or ill
  • Medications prescribed for your pet
  • Medical treatments, such as chemotherapy 
  • Removal of a damaged or carious tooth
  • Surgery, such as ACL repair (Yep, dogs have knee problems too!)
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

A comprehensive insurance plan will cover all of these issues to ensure your dog or cat recovers quickly. However, there may be some preventative treatments that are necessary to maintain good health that aren’t typically covered by pet insurance.

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What treatments are not usually covered?

  • Routine vet exams and health checkups
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Microchipping
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Dental exam and teeth cleaning – Learn more about Finding the Best Pet Dental Insurance
  • Nutritional care and treatments
  • Preventative blood panels
  • Regular grooming

Pet owners may feel that they can’t compromise on certain preventative care, whether it be spaying and neutering or essential vaccinations. Without coverage, they will need to pay for the costs of these treatments out of pocket or find another option to pay for it.

Options for Covering Exams & Preventative Care

Even if the pet insurance you have doesn’t automatically cover preventative care, there are options to get it. You may even be able to add-on wellness coverage to create an existing plan for cheap pet insurance that covers everything. Some of the options for covering regular exams and preventative treatments include:

  • Add-On Coverage: According to the Canine Journal, most insurance companies offer preventative care as part of add-on coverage for homeowners. This additional coverage increases your monthly premium by a small amount and simplifies the process of getting both preventive and accident coverage.
  • Pet Wellness Plans: Some veterinarians and vet hospitals offer pet wellness plans that allow owners to pay a small monthly fee to have the costs of basic preventative care paid for entirely or up to a certain dollar amount. These plans work similarly to a subscription plan with some services included, such as an annual check up. Learn about Wellness Plans of Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Healthcare Credit Cards: A healthcare credit card can ease the initial expense of paying for preventative treatments and exams. This financing can be obtained through companies, such as CareCredit. You’ll put the treatment on credit and pay it off over time with monthly payments.
  • Veterinarian Discount Programs: You may also want to sign up for a discount plan that reduces the upfront costs of many of your pet’s treatments, including office visits and vaccinations. One popular plan called, PetAssure, is provided through over 6,000 employers for less than $10 a month. You simply show the discount card at a participating vet’s office and they take up to 25% off the bill.
  • Pet Healthcare Savings Account: Pet owners may also want to set up a special savings account so they can save up the money needed for preventative care. Any savings account will work for for this option, but you can find banks and credit unions with dedicated pet care savings accounts. These may offer you special interest rates and rewards. Belco Community Credit Union has a Critter Club savings account that also rewards special discounts on other services, such as 10% off per month with Petplan Pet Insurance.

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Pet insurance Companies That Offer Complete Coverage

When you are looking for cheap pet insurance that covers everything, you may need to research several companies to find the best price. You may also want to adjust the settings when getting a quote online to find the lowest premiums. If you are willing to take a low annual benefit, low reimbursement percentage, or high deductible, you can get a very inexpensive monthly premium, even when adding on wellness coverage. When shopping for pet insurance, you might want to check out these companies first as they offer both accident and illness with add-ons for preventative care.

  • PetFirst Healthcare: This insurance company offers illness and injury coverage with an optional routine care benefit of up to $575 per year.
  • AKC Pet Insurance: If you want it all for your pet insurance consider AKC Pet Insurance, which offers numerous add-ons, such as ExamPlus, HereditaryPlus, SupportPlus, and the wellness plans, DefenderPlus and Defender.
  • Embrace Pet Insurance: Pet owners can get illness and accident coverage with an optional wellness rewards plan that reimburses up to $650 per year in preventative care.
  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: This branded insurance comes with an optional preventative coverage add-on. You can get the basic preventative care plan for just $9.95 per month extra with up to $250 per year in reimbursements. 
  • 24PetWatch: You can also opt for one of two levels of wellness coverage with 24PetWatch. They offer Wellness Care Routine for $10 extra per month, and Wellness Care Advanced for $25 extra per month.

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Final Thoughts:

  • Comprehensive pet insurance can cover many things, but not always preventative care.
  • There are few options for cheap pet insurance that covers everything, such as accidents, illness, injury, and preventative care.
  • Pet owners can pay for preventative care with different options, like add-on coverage, a pet wellness plan from their veterinarian, discount plans, savings accounts, or with a healthcare credit card.
  • You can find very inexpensive insurance with add-ons that include preventative care and pet wellness plans.
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