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Geico Pet Insurance Review 2019

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You have many choices in the world of pet insurance. One you may not have considered is Geico Pet Insurance. Usually known for covering more common types of insurance like home and auto, Geico also has a page stating that it handles pet insurance.  

However, to be absolutely clear, Geico is an insurance agency and not a full-fledged carrier for pet insurance. They sell Embrace pet insurance in an agency capacity. You would buy the Embrace policy through a Geico agent.

So below we’ll look at what it’s like to get a pet insurance policy through Geico. Namely, we’ll look at if there are any benefits to getting an Embrace policy through Geico over simply going through Embrace.  

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What It’s Like to Get a Quote Through Geico Pet Insurance:

The Geico Pet Insurance page looks fairly comprehensive. However, once you hit the “start quote” button, you are taken to an Embrace Pet Insurance website that’s full of Geico logos. This can seem confusing at first. The page looks like this:

That’s because Geico offers pet insurance that’s administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency, LLC, as stated at the bottom of Geico’s pet insurance policy page. Those policies are underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group. The policies are secured through Geico Insurance Agency, Inc.

After that, the online process works the same as it would through the Embrace site. That means the policies and benefits are the same, as well. So if you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to work with an Embrace policy, you can check out our Embrace review.

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What’s the Benefit of Getting an Embrace Policy Through Geico Pet Insurance?

At this point, you may be wondering what the point of going through Geico Pet Insurance is, exactly. There actually is one potential benefit: when you buy Embrace through Geico you can bundle other policies, like Geico home and auto, with your Embrace pet insurance policy for additional multi-policy discounts. However, rates vary based on what you bundle with Geico and Embrace.

Beyond that, there aren’t too many direct benefits to getting an Embrace policy through Geico. You’d still manage your Embrace policy through Embrace’s app. If you had any changes to make, such as filing claims, renewals, cancelation or processing a payment, you’d still contact Embrace.  

So if you already have other insurance with Geico, or are thinking about getting that insurance, that’s about the only way it would make sense to also get Embrace through a Geico agent. That way you could get a bundle deal, but otherwise, everything operates the same as just getting Embrace direct.   

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Final Thoughts:

  • Geico does not offer Embrace pet insurance directly, they are merely an agency. You would get the Embrace policy through a Geico agent.  
  • When you try to get a quote through the Geico Pet Insurance website, you are routed to Embrace’s page. This is because the policies are administered by Embrace Pet Insurance.  
  • The one benefit to getting an Embrace policy through Geico is that you can bundle policies together. For instance, it would make sense to bundle an Embrace pet insurance policy with a home or auto insurance policy with Geico for added savings. 
  • Besides the bundle deals, everything operates the same through Geico as just getting an Embrace policy direct: you still use the Embrace app and you still contact Embrace for any services. 

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