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Best Pet Insurance in Iowa for 2020

Like just about any service, pet insurance prices can fluctuate based on the area you live in. Sometimes even your zip code can mean the difference of a few dollars. Below we’ll look at the best pet insurance in Iowa for 2020. We look at what the most popular pets are, which diseases affect them most in Iowa and we’ll compare local pet insurance companies for price.

Pet Insurance Cost in Iowa for Cats and Dogs

We took five different zip codes and compared prices in Iowa. We found quotes for a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old Domestic Long Hair cat, since Banfield Pet Hospital states that those are the most common breeds in Iowa.  

We compared prices from Embrace Pet Insurance, since it is one of the most popular pet insurance companies in the U.S. It operates under one simple plan. We entered an 80 percent reimbursement, a $500 deductible and a $15,000 annual limit.  

Zip CodeDog Monthly CostCat Monthly Cost

As you can see, even different zip codes in the same state for the same company can cause prices for pet insurance to shift slightly. On average, a monthly insurance cost for a dog in Iowa is $30-40 and for a cat $10-15. It pays to shop around when looking for the best pet insurance in Iowa for 2020.

Common Illnesses Among Dogs and Cats in Iowa 

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, there are three main illnesses that are common for cats and dogs in the state of Iowa. They are:

  • Dental Disease 
  • Overweight and Obesity 
  • Otitis Externa (ear infection)

What that means for pet insurance is that you should consider looking for plans that cover these conditions, since they are so common in Iowa. For instance, you might consider a comprehensive plan that covers ear infections over an accident-only plan. You might also consider a wellness plan that covers nutrition costs and preventative dental services like cleanings. You should also carefully review plans to see if they cover dental issues, as many plans do not cover dental care. Learn more about pet dental insurance and find the best pet dental insurance plan.

Also, keep in mind that pet insurance does not typically cover pre-existing conditions. Though some may if that condition is deemed curable in a certain timeframe. 

Types of the Best Pet Insurance in Iowa for 2020

You have three main options for finding pet insurance in Iowa:

  • Comprehensive: These cover injuries, illnesses and accidents; they are often considered a base plan.
  • Accident-only: Plans like these only cover your pet if they were in an accident.
  • Wellness: These plans usually act as add-ons to base plans. They could cover routine, wellness or preventative care directly, which are often not covered in base plans. Other types may act as a money-back program where you can get reimbursed for care up to a certain amount.

Accident-only plans are often the most cost-effective. If you want peace of mind coverage for the worst accidents, you might want to consider accident-only coverage.

Comprehensive coverage is for people who want to know their pet will be covered in the case of illness. However, many plans don’t offer preventative care like wellness exams. So that’s where additional wellness coverage comes into play, often for an added monthly cost.

Cheapest Pet Insurance in Iowa

Below we looked at the top 11 companies that offer U.S. pet insurance, or the best pet insurance in Iowa for 2020. We looked at the 50001 zip code. For this comparison, we also went with the most common breeds for the state, the Labrador Retriever and the Domestic Long Hair Cat. We entered 1-year-old males across all companies.  

So that the prices would stay even, we went with the highest annual limit payout available in each system. We also kept the deductible as close to $250 as possible and went with as close to an 80% reimbursement as possible.  You can also click on the links below to read our full review of these pet insurance companies.

CompanyDog Monthly PremiumsCat Monthly Premiums
Pets Best$35.59$14.39
Healthy Paws$47.00$15.23
Trupanion $82.09$34.16

The most expensive pet insurance options in Iowa are Nationwide for dogs and Hartville for cats. The least expensive are Hartville for dogs and Embrace for cats.  

It pays to check and see how those prices compare to the amount of coverage you are getting, however. For instance, Nationwide is known for having some of the most comprehensive coverage around and Embrace operates under one easy plan.

Iowa Pet Insurance for Exotic Pets 

If you want pet insurance for exotics like retitles, birds or rodents, Nationwide is currently the only pet insurance company in the U.S. that covers these animals. The plans are known for being very comprehensive, however. They cover exams and prescriptions, as a few examples.  

But Nationwide does not do insurance quotes online. You have to call them at 888-899-4874. You can also learn more about exotic pet insurance here.  

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