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Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts for 2020

If you’re looking for pet insurance in Massachusetts, you have many options available to you. After all, all of the major 12 pet insurers in the U.S. offer plans in Massachusetts. Below we’ll look at how monthly premiums compare between companies and cities. We’ll also cover common pet illnesses in your state and look at where residents of Massachusetts can find exotic pet insurance.   

Average Pet Care Cost in Massachusetts for Dogs and Cats:

To get an idea of just how pet insurance prices compare around the state of Massachusetts, we compared some of the largest cities in the state. We looked at a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old Domestic Long Hair cat. According to Banfield Pet Hospital, these are the most common breeds in Massachusetts.  

We compared prices between cities using Embrace’s online quote system. Embrace is one of the most well-known pet insurers in the U.S. and operates under one easy plan. We kept the deductible at $500, reimbursement at 80 percent and set the annual limit to $15,000.     

City and Zip Code Dog Monthly CostCat Monthly Cost
Boston (02111)$70$23
Worcester (01601)$53$17
Brockton (02301)$53$17
Springfield (01020)$53$17
Newton (02456) $53$17

Massachusetts is interesting for pet insurance costs. It’s drastically more expensive in the Boston area for the zip code we looked at. However, the rest of the cities all stay even for pet insurance in Massachusetts. It just goes to show how you need to compare prices between locations based on your zip code.  

Common Illnesses Among Dogs and Cats in Massachusetts:  

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the top health problems in Massachusetts for both cats and dogs are:

  • Overweight and obesity 
  • Otitis externa (outer ear infection)
  • Dental disease

Outer ear infections are more prevalent in dogs than cats. Dental disease and obesity are about the same between cats and dogs. When looking for pet insurance in Massachusetts, you may want to go with a plan that covers the treatment for these conditions. 

Types of Pet Insurance in Massachusetts:  

In Massachusetts, you have three main types of pet insurance policies to look into. Insurers offer a base comprehensive care plan. They either operate as one plan or you can pick and choose which services you want to be covered based on add-ons or different plan tiers.  

Added wellness coverage, like teeth cleaning, also operates on different add-ons or plan tiers. Some cover the care directly, and others operate as reimbursement programs, where you can earn money back up to a specific amount.  

A third option is accident-only coverage, which only covers your pet in case of injuries and illnesses related specifically to accidents, such as if your pet ingested something dangerous. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that no pet insurance in Massachusetts covers pre-existing conditions. These are illnesses or injuries that occur before full coverage takes effect.  However, some companies may cure pre-existing conditions if they are deemed curable. You can read more about the pre-existing condition situation here.   

Overall Cheapest Pet Insurance in Massachusetts:

In order to compare the cheapest pet insurance in Massachusetts, we looked at 12 of the major companies in the industry. Again, we compared a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old Domestic Long Hair cat. We used the Springfield (01020) zip code.  

To keep the situations similar between companies, we kept the settings to as close to an 80 percent reimbursement and a $250 deductible as each company would allow. We also went with the highest annual limit option for each company. You can view the results below:

CompanyDog Monthly PremiumsCat Monthly Premiums
Healthy Paws$41$13
Pets Best$45$18

For the cheapest pet insurance in the zip code we looked at, Healthy Paws is the least expensive pet insurance. As you can see, prices vary drastically based on the company. For instance, the price can go all the way up to the triple digits per month for Nationwide and PetFirst dog pet insurance in Massachusetts.  

However, Nationwide, in particular, is known for offering wellness coverage in its main plan that other companies don’t. So it’s important to compare these prices with the types of coverage and benefits you are receiving.    

As an added note, if you’re on a tight monthly budget, the easiest way to bring down the monthly prices is to lower the annual benefit amount.    

Massachusetts Pet Insurance for Exotic Pets:

Currently, the only company that overs pet insurance plans for exotic pets is Nationwide. You can get a wide variety of exotic pets covered, like ferrets, birds, turtles and potbellied pigs. The exotic plans also come with the type of comprehensive coverage Nationwide is known for. The plans can cover lab fees, exam fees and X-rays, as a few examples.

However, the company does not offer quotes online. You need to call Nationwide at 888-899-4874 for a quote. Learn more about exotic pet insurance here

Final Thoughts:

  • Pet insurance prices in the major cities of Massachusetts are fairly stable, remaining exactly the same across four different cities, in fact. However, Boston is a more expensive location for finding pet insurance in Massachusetts. 
  • Outer ear infections, weight issues and dental disease are the most common illnesses affecting cats and dogs in Massachusetts. It pays to find pet insurance plans that can cover these issues.
  • You have the choice between comprehensive and accident-only plans in Massachusetts. You might also want to consider wellness care as part of higher plan tiers or add-ons. Some wellness plans cover care directly and others operate as money-back reimbursement programs.
  • If your monthly budget is a major concern, Healthy Paws offers the least expensive pet insurance plans for the location, animals, and benefits we compared.
  • If you’d like exotic pet insurance, currently the only pet insurer in the U.S. that covers exotics is Nationwide. However, the company is known for its comprehensive coverage.
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