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Best Pet Insurance in New Jersey for 2020

If you’re looking for pet insurance in New Jersey, you have many different options open to you. To make the process of finding pet insurance easier, below we’ll look at the average cost of pet insurance, types of pet insurance in New Jersey, state-specific issues like exotic care coverage and the cheapest pet insurance in your state.   

Average Pet Care Cost In New Jersey for Dogs and Cats:

In order to get an idea of the pet insurance rates in New Jersey, we compared five of the largest cities. We took the price quotes from Embrace, which operates under one plan. However, we set the reimbursement to 80 percent, the annual limit to $15,000 and the deductible to $500. We also compared a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old American Shorthair cat. Below you can see a basic outline of what you can expect to pay in New Jersey from one of the nation’s largest pet insurers: 

City and Zip Code Dog Monthly CostCat Monthly Cost
Newark (07101)$40$21
Jersey City (07030)$62$33
Paterson (07501)$44$24
Elizabeth (07114)$44$24
Edison (08817)$54$29

As you can see, pet insurance in New Jersey prices stay fairly stable between the locations. However, Jersey City does stand out as being more expensive for both cats and dogs than the other locations. Edison stands as being the second most expensive. So it’s important to compare which plans are the most cost-effective based on your zip code.

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Common Illnesses Among Dogs and Cats in New Jersey

When looking for different types of coverage, you may want to consider what types of diseases are common for your pet in your state. In general, that can help you know whether you should get an accident and illness plan, or also add wellness care. Different plans also cover different diseases, so it’s important to review what is covered in each plan.  

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the most common diseases for both dogs and cats are:

  • Otitis Externa (outer ear infection)
  • Overweight and Obesity 
  • Dental Disease 

This just goes to show how important it is in your state to find a good pet health insurance that covers dental care procedures. Some will and some won’t, so it’s important to pay attention to individual plans. 

Types of Pet Insurance in New Jersey: 

There are several different types of pet insurance in New Jersey that you can find. The main types are:

  • Comprehensive: These plans cover injury and illness. However, you will need to review each plan carefully, because they all differ in which types of illness and injury they will actually cover. 
  • Wellness: These are typically add-on options over comprehensive plans. Most pet insurance in New Jersey will not cover preventative and wellness treatments like routine exams and dental cleaning. However, for an extra amount in premiums each month, many plans allow you to get coverage for preventative care. Some offer direct coverage, while others operate as reimbursement programs.
  • Accident-only coverage: As the name suggests, these plans only cover your pet in the case of an accident, such as if your dog gets hit by a car.  

It’s worth noting, however, that no pet insurance in New Jersey covers pre-existing conditions. Some may cover them if they are deemed curable and free of symptoms for a certain period of time. You can learn more about pet insurance and pre-existing conditions here .  

Overall Cheapest Pet Insurance In New Jersey: 

Below we looked at the prices of the top 12 pet insurance companies in New Jersey with a zip code from Newark. We looked at a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever and a 1-year-old American Shorthair cat. To keep prices even, we compared the highest annual limit available for each. We also kept as close to around a $250 deductible and an 80 percent reimbursement as each company would allow. You can review prices below, organized by company in alphabetical order:

CompanyDog Monthly PremiumsCat Monthly Premiums
Healthy Paws$51$18
Pets Best$49$20

PetFirst stands as the cheapest dog pet insurance in New Jersey, with both Healthy Paws and PetFirst tied as cheapest for cats. Pets Best is also one of the most affordable options for both cats and dogs.  

The most expensive for dogs and cats, as always, is Nationwide. However, Nationwide wraps many wellness care options under its main plan that many of the other plans don’t include. For instance, Nationwide covers wellness exams and vaccinations on its plan with unlimited annual benefit. So it’s important to consider how much you are paying against what types of benefits you are receiving for each plan.  

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New Jersey Pet Insurance for Exotic Pets:

Currently, the only pet insurance company in the U.S. that covers exotic animals is Nationwide. The company covers birds, rabbits, reptiles and uncommon exotics like goats. The company does offer exotic pet insurance in New Jersey.  

In order to get a quote, Nationwide wants you to call 888-899-4874. It does not do exotic pet insurance quotes online. You can learn more about exotic pet insurance here.    

Final Thoughts

  • It’s important to compare different price quotes for pet insurance based on your zip code, as that can affect the price of your monthly premiums, sometimes drastically.
  • Some of the most common diseases in New Jersey for both dogs and cats are outer ear infection, obesity and dental disease. It’s important to find a plan that will cover these conditions.
  • When looking for pet insurance in New Jersey, you can find comprehensive, wellness and accident-only plans. However, no plan in New Jersey covers pre-existing conditions, however, some may if it is deemed curable.
  • PetFirst stands as the cheapest pet insurance in New Jersey. However, it’s important to consider what is all covered versus how much you are paying each month. 
  • If you want exotic pet insurance in New Jersey, currently your only option is Nationwide.
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