Best Pet Insurance in Seattle, Washington (WA)

Pet insurance is an important purchase, both because it’s a recurring cost and getting the right coverage could end up saving your budget in the case of unexpected large vet bills. Below we looked at some of the prices for pet insurance in Seattle, WA for 2020. We also looked at the types you have available in Seattle, WA.  

Pet Insurance Costs in Seattle, WA for Dogs and Cats

To look at how premiums are across the city, we took five zip codes from Seattle, WA. According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the two most popular breeds in Washington state are the Chihuahua and the Domestic Medium Hair cat. We compared a male 1-year-old in both instances.  

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To find the best pet insurance in Seattle, WA for 2020, we got quotes from Embrace Pet Insurance, since it is a popular company that’s known for very comprehensive coverage. We entered an 80% reimbursement, a $500 deductible and a $15,000 annual limit.  

Zip CodeDog Monthly CostCat Monthly Cost 

Prices can vary quite drastically across the city of Seattle, seeing as much as around a $12 difference for dog insurance monthly premiums. It goes to show how important it is to shop around for the best price in your zip code.

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Common Illnesses Among Dogs and Cats in Seattle, WA

As listed by Banfield Pet Hospital, the most common illnesses for both cats and dogs in the state of Washington are:

  • Overweight and Obesity 
  • Dental Disease
  • Otitis Externa (ear infection)

Lower prevalence but still notable conditions for cats include:

  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Kidney Disease 
  • Intestinal Parasites 

For dogs those lower prevalence conditions include:

  • Arthritis 
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Intestinal Parasites 
  • Environmental Allergy
  • Flea Allergy

You may want to look into pet insurance that has some type of coverage for these conditions. For instance, a higher tier Nationwide Pet Insurance plan covers flea and heartworm prevention.  

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Types of Pet Insurance in Seattle, WA

You have three main types of pet insurance in Seattle, WA:

  • Accident-only: These cover your pet when they get into an accident. Accident-only coverage is a budget-friendly option since you are getting coverage only in limited circumstances.  
  • Comprehensive: These plans tend to cover illnesses, injuries and accidents. As such, they are a more expensive option.
  • Wellness: These are usually add-ons to base pet insurance plans, though they may come as high-tier plans. Coverage includes preventative, routine and wellness care. Some plans are money-back reimbursement programs.  

Remember, no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions. Some only might if the condition is curable within a certain time. You can learn more about pre-existing conditions here.

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Overall Cheapest Pet Insurance in Seattle, WA

To help you find the best pet insurance in Seattle, WA for 2020, we looked at the most popular 11 companies offering pet insurance in Washington state. We looked at the 1-year-old Chihuahua and 1-year-old Domestic Medium Hair cat again. We used the 98133 zip code.

So that prices would stay as even as we could keep them, we entered the highest annual limit each system would allow. We also stayed close to the $250 deductible and 80% reimbursement.  

The table below compares the premiums of these 11 companies. However, you may want to consider other factors as you look for the best pet insurance for your pets. Click on the link below to read our full reviews of these pet insurance companies.

CompanyDog Monthly PremiumsCat Monthly Premiums
Pets Best$26.81$25.55
Trupanion $62.40$52.88

*Note: Healthy Paws not offering pet insurance in Washington state due to regulatory approval at time of writing 

Keep in mind what is all covered for the monthly premium. For instance, Nationwide is the most expensive for dogs. But it also covers many wellness treatments, like flea and heartworm prevention, which other plans do not.

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Insurance in Seattle, WA for Exotic Pets

If you want coverage for exotics like reptiles, rodents and birds, your only option in the U.S. at the moment is Nationwide Pet Insurance. Luckily, the company is known for its comprehensive coverage of care like exams and prescriptions.  
To find a quote, call 888-899-4874. You can also read more about exotic pet insurance here.


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