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Best Pet Insurance in Tampa, Florida for 2020

There is a wide array of companies that offer pet insurance in Tampa. So many that it can be hard to compare and choose between them. So below we’ll look at what type of plans you can choose from, how prices compare between companies and zip codes and other considerations for finding the best pet insurance in Tampa, Florida for 2020.

Average Pet Insurance Costs in Tampa, Florida for Dogs and Cats

Below we took a sample of five of the zip codes from Tampa. We compared a 1-year-old Chihuahua and a 1-year-old domestic medium hair cat, both male. According to Banfield Pet Hospital, these are the most common breeds in Florida.  

We took prices from Embrace Pet Insurance, since this is one of the most popular pet insurers in the U.S. that uses one main plan. We put in a $500 deductible, an 80 percent reimbursement and a $15,000 annual limit.  

Zip CodeDog Monthly CostCat Monthly Cost 

Prices tend to fluctuate all over the city based on zip code. However, they only fluctuate by a few dollars through Embrace.  

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Common Illnesses Among Dogs and Cats in Tampa, Florida 

As listed by Banfield Pet Hospital, the most common illness you can expect in dogs and cats in Florida include:

  • Otitis Externa (ear infection)
  • Dental Disease 
  • Overweight and Obesity 

It’s important to look for plans that cover these illnesses. Not all plans cover the same illnesses. Dental disease can especially be tricky, as many plans do not cover dental issues. You may want to look into pet dental insurance separately. You may also want to look into a preventative care insurance plan that covers teeth cleaning and nutrition perks to help prevent issues like your pet becoming overweight or having dental problems. You might also look into plans that offer care for ear infections over accident-only coverage.  

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Types of Best Pet Insurance in Tampa, Florida for 2020

In Florida, you have three main options in the type of pet insurance you can choose:

  • Comprehensive: These plans often cover accidents, illness and injury.
  • Wellness: These typically work as add-ons to a base plan. They may cover routine, wellness and preventative care. Some, however, are money-back reimbursement programs that pay you back up to a certain amount. 
  • Accident-only: As the name suggests, these only cover your pet in case they were in an accident. 

Each of these directly affects how much you will pay in monthly premiums. For instance, accident-only tends to be the most budget-friendly option, since it only covers accidents.  Comprehensive can run more pricey. Wellness plans are often added costs on top of comprehensive or base plans.  

Keep in mind that no pet health insurance covers pre-existing conditions. But some may if the condition is curable in a certain amount of time. You can learn more about pre-existing coverage here.

Overall Cheapest Pet Insurance in Tampa, Florida 

We compared prices between the top 12 pet insurance companies that are operating in the U.S. We looked at the 33610 zip code in Tampa, since the prices tend to be mid-range through Embrace for that area. Again, we looked at a 1-year-old Chihuahua and a 1-year-old domestic medium hair cat.  

We also compared the highest annual coverage limit we could set online and kept as close to a $250 deductible and 80 percent reimbursement as each system would allow. This kept prices as even as possible.

CompanyDog Monthly PremiumsCat Monthly Premiums
Pets Best$20.21$16.71
Trupanion $30.22$26.49
Healthy Paws$31.44$18.73

The cheapest best pet insurance in Tampa, Florida for 2020 is for a dog is Embrace. The cheapest pet insurance for Tampa for a cat is PetFirst. The most expensive insurance for dogs and cats is Nationwide.

Keep in mind the different benefits you are paying for, however. Nationwide tends to be the most expensive, but it also offers many different coverage options other carriers don’t. For instance, the top tier plan covers wellness exams and holistic treatments.  

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Insurance in Tampa, Florida for Exotic Pets

The only pet insurance for exotic pets offered in the U.S. at this time is Nationwide Pet Insurance. It covers exotics like birds, rodents and reptiles. But like cat and dog coverage, it has comprehensive coverage on care like exams and prescriptions.  
Nationwide does not offer quotes online for exotic pets. You need to call their number at 888-899-4874. You can learn more about exotic pet insurance here

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