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Progressive Pet Insurance Review 2019

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When you think of Progressive Insurance, it’s hard to picture pet insurance. The company is usually heavily advertising their auto and home insurance policies. However, you can find a page detailing Progressive Pet Insurance, which is actually offered through Pets Best.

To be absolutely clear, Progressive doesn’t offer pet insurance. For pet insurance, Progressive Advantage Agency Inc. is an agency and will refer consumers who are seeking Progressive Pet Insurance to Pets Best. Read our full review of Pets Best.

So below we’ll look further into the background of Progressive’s pet insurance and explore what the potential benefits of getting such a policy would be.

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About Progressive Pet Insurance:

Progressive was founded in 1937. It got started by offering auto insurance and has since branched out to other types of insurance. 

As mentioned above, Progressive has a fairly comprehensive webpage talking about its pet insurance policies. It states at the top of the page that you can get your cat or dog insured for just $1 per day. However, as you scroll down, the page mentions that what you are really looking at is “Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best.”  

The page then goes on to list the different plans and benefits offered by Pets Best specifically. If you’d like to know more about Pets Best plans, you can see our review of Pets Best here.

What’s more, once you select the “get a quote” option at the top of the page, it leads you right to the Pets Best quote page. There is also a customer service number to call, which predictably leads to the Pets Best customer service line.

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What is the Benefit to Getting Progressive Pet Insurance?

There is one main benefit to getting a Pets Best plan through Progressive: you can receive a five percent discount getting the plan that way.  

Otherwise, everything operates the same as just going direct through Pets Best: the plan benefits are the same and you would contact Pets Best for claims, renewals, processing payments and anything else you’d need to handle with your plan.  

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Final Thoughts:

  • Progressive is partnered with Pets Best to offer “Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best.”
  • Any Progressive Pet Insurance quote systems or customer service lines lead right to Pets Best.
  • The main benefit of getting a Pets Best plan through Progressive is the five percent discount.
  • Otherwise, the Pets Best plan is the same through Progressive or Pets Best directly. You’d contact Pets Best to file claims, change your plan or make payments.
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